China blocks Archive.org?

On his netlabelsite ZhangJW, who is the netlabel owner of the Bypass Netlabel, wonders aloud if his mother country China blocks the Internet Archive for its citizens. He also notices that his blog which resides on Blogspot/Blogger (owned by Google) is unreachable for himself.

He's afraid things are going the wrong way these days in China: "That's what happend in China. Everyday Chinese people's Internet activity under the control of Golden Shield Project, with stringent surveillance and freedom limited. If you try to type a keyword "BBC news" on google.com and trying to visit the results, well then yours google access will be blocking immediately."

Zhang concludes: " "St. Augustine said "An unjust law is no law at all and, it can thus be no crime to violate" Well, that exactly is what i will going to do."

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Relisten to netwaves in China (unfortunetaly no Bypass stuff).