blip! blip! 20 years of Game Boy

Netwaves celebrates the 20th anniversary of Game Boy with 8bit chiptune music.
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01. Circuitbend - Paza
02. KDR Assault - Bin�rpilot
03. Drink Easymilk - Massiv Dansk Invasion
04. LSK - Ilkae
05. Sidekick Module Complex - Elektronaut
06. Neglecting Idiocracy - Stay Ali
07. Kastrull - Stay Ali
08. Potsdam - Stay Ali
09. White Russian - Lo-bat
10. Beep It - Mesu Kasumari
11. The Mexican Gospel Fire Souls - 50herz
12. OTW - Op�rateur Fotokopieur
13. Wonder Boy - Thiaz Itch
14. Lullatwerp - Disastertron
15. Space Age Cut - Jfrank
16. Pinkes Ged�ns - Das Timbo

Review: Herm�tico � Metro EP (Inoquo 043)

Herm�tico�s latest EP on the Spanish Inoquo netlabel is definitely one to keep in mind. After his highly acclaimed �Cocinando Garmonbozia EP�, released about a year ago, Herm�tico is back for more.

�Senzeni Na� is clearly the strongest one of the package for me with a sort of Berghain-esque feel to it, but then slightly quirkier. A brooding bass covered with precise hi-hats lead us to some fresh modulating drips, breaking up somewhere halfway the track. Herm�tico only uses just enough sonic elements to keep things nicely stripped down and floating. The track provides the necessary dance floor requirements but we find tightly filtered riffs as well, ensuring a vivid and textured soundscape. �Recolectar Mercurio� has a more deep & dubby approach, instantly reminding me of Maurizio/Basic Channel tunes, but monotonity is quickly broken up by sweet organic stabs, which make this track something to float away on in the early hours. Worth mentioning is the tender �2+3�, sounding like a perpetual ticking clock, skillfully layered with subtle soothing elements, injecting this piece with emotion. Two thumbs up.

Herm�tico - Metro EP


Wikipedia goes CC


 Wikipedia community votes 75% in favor of CC BY-SA:
"The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has proposed that the copyright licensing terms on the wikis operated by the WMF - including Wikipedia - be changed to include the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license in addition to the current GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). This will affect all text and rich media (images, sound, video, etc.) currently licensed under "GFDL 1.2 or later versions".

via CC blog

The New Wave of Independent Labels

from enoughrecords - 22 May 2009:
"We are happy to annouce the work of Hwanho Choi, a student at the University of Liverpool who focused his undergraduate degree dissertation on The New Wave of Independent Labels (link - pdf). He interviewed us for his work, and the final result is well worth the read for all those interested in contemporary social / music culture."


Jamendo in Cnet's 10 best music sites

Jamendo: "We made it! Thanks to your support - and to the fact that jamendo is an outstanding web service of course - jamendo.com is a winner in Cnet.com�s Webware 100 list of the world�s best websites. We�re even listed as the first site in the first category (music). So thanks, and yay for jamendo�!"
In a few weeks netwaves will present an interview with one of the founders of Jamendo. Check back.

Santos Resiak

Netwaves interviews Dante Costantini, aka Santos Resiak, who released a very interesting ep on unfoundsound.

Download or listen to [nws107] netwaves 3.31:



01. fooolship - choenyi
02. tarde al sol - manziping
03. dependency 3 untitiled - pellarin
04. check my cumbia - santos resiak
05. enduido - santos resiak
06. miercoles - santos resiak
07. timba - santos resiak
08. romantics semantics - daniel carew


music survey

The Max Planck Society & FOEM launch the Digital Music Survey: "Our aim is to analyze current internet music trends and development. Over the past several years the music industry has been turned upside down. The business models that had worked have now suddenly and irrevocably become obsolete. The effects of this have spread beyond the music industry, affecting film, radio and print. The music business was the harbinger of these rapid changes, it's new rules will become the guidelines of how new business models will be developed for film, radio, print and beyond."

You can find the survey here.

More info at Foem.

Nice summer

[Miga_v16] Jon Herranz "Nice summer" from Miga on Vimeo.



//////// eng ////////////

[Miga32] "Music for camping" is the first Lp of the canarian artist Rominger. Living in Barcelona since the end of 90�s, he has collaborated in so many different musical (Sobreimagen, Velcro) and artistic projects (Pendrive, Plug Festival).

If we talk about music styles, Rominger moves inside the huge space between pop and electronic music, creating new contrasts and musical flavours. Leo (trumpet, synth, voices) and Yeray (drums), have been able to give expressiveness and character to this work, making an album that becomes into a great introduction letter.

In [Miga_v16] "Nice Summer", video clip that completes this release, Jon Herranz gives life to some of the characters that can be found in the particular world of Rominger.

//////// esp ////////////

[Miga32] "Music for camping" es el primer LP del canario Rominger. Residente en la ciudad de Barcelona desde finales de los 90 ha colaborado en numerosos proyectos musicales (Sobreimagen, Velcro) y artisticos (Pendrive, Plug Festival).

Si hablamos de estilos Rominger se mueve en el amplio espacio que existe entre el Pop y la electr�nica creando nuevos contrastes y sabores musicales. Leo (trompeta,sintes,voces) y Yeray (bateria) han sabido dar expresividad y caracter a este trabajo, confeccionando un album que se convierte en una estupenda carta de presentaci�n.

En [Miga_v16] "Nice summer", videoclip que completa esta referencia, Jon Herranz da vida a algunos de los personajes que podemos encontrar en el particular mundo de Rominger.


Puppets / Marionetas: Andrea Lorenzetti

Camera / C�mara: Marco Fornarola

Ilumination / Iluminaci�n: Jon Herranz y Marco Fornarola

Assistant Shooting / Ayudante de rodaje: Ignasi Obiols

Editing / Montaje: Irma Fajardo y Jon Herranz

Post-production / Post-producci�n: Adri� Zamora

Realization / Realizaci�n: Jon Herranz

Direction / Direcci�n: Jon Herranz

+ info:




rooien biet

fuif dus, georganiseerd door de Mich en Animo Leuven


Netwaves talks with Wouter about the non-profit 'Silenced', the organisation behind the 'Silence @ Silo' events, and recently also a netlabel. Silenced is also organising a European contest for DJ's/producers.

Download or listen to [nws106] netwaves 3.30.


01. bleep sleep - strekie
02. dert - halofaust
03. wrap us up in fleece - wixel
04. jacked - examine
05. phone on vibra - kexie
06. postman is a girl - ansatz der machine
07. weapons activated - doppeldekker
08. xploding hearts - akwalek


Oscilator netlabel

Netwaves dives into Oscilator, Sarajevo's finest electro netlabel.
Download or listen to [nws105] netwaves 3.29.


01. Simod per tutti - Greg Pavlov
02. Delay to 2005 - Album Direkt
03. Konfekcia Nowie Szarajewo - Greg Pavlov
04. Europa Model 1908 - Iumatico
05. Austria - Kwame
06. Passby - Ober Control
07. At least I Can say I Tried - C Photon
08. The Butterfly Effect - Extenzion
09. Incident - Mezonom
10. Soda So Promptelex - Greg Pavlov
11. Apparatus - Motoboiler
12. Through The Slavina - Poligraf
13. Crunchwalker - Splendex
14. Senzostrada - Yurockolonia


fresh netlabel stuff

netwaves' attempt to pick the cherries from the recent netlabel pie.

Download or listen to [nws104] netwaves 3.28.


01. Access Granted - Retax Gorgon
02. Synthetic Molecules - Retax Gorgon
03. He Sings To Me - Anois
04. Static: c - Ad.R
05. Escape Artist - Backwater Planet
06. Temple of Doom - Zengineers
07. Sarasvati - Phour Trakk
08. Creencia - Ismael Pinkler
09. Rainy Day Renegade - Cycle Hiccups
10. Pechal' - KBC pres. Mariachi
11. Eastwestern Winds - Merlune & Daakoon
12. barricada (feat Dr Boost) - Sardinia Bass Legalize
13. miercoles - santos resiak
14. Sputnik in love - Roy "Chicky" Arad