new beats & bytes

Your weekly packet of new beats and bytes has arrived, delicately compiled by the netwaves team. Enjoy!

[nws196] netwaves 6.04: new beats & bytes

playlist: https://www.radioscorpio.be/playlist/netwavesplaylistvan26102011 (new tab/window)
download compilation or podcast: https://www.archive.org/details/nws196 (new tab/window)

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Tribute to Joeri Gagarin

MetaYar � Sound Of My Game from netlabel Nenormalizm


Chill Bill

An excellent anthology of recent chilly and loungy tunes, fresh from the big net, brought to you by netlabel specialists from netwaves. Cheers Bill!

[nws195] netwaves 6.03: Chill Bill

playlist: https://www.radioscorpio.be/playlist/netwavesplaylistvan19102011 (new tab/window)
download compilation or podcast: https://www.archive.org/details/nws195 (new tab/window)

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5 years of Groovecaffe netlabel

netwaves is not the only one celebrating its' fifth birtday, there's also the Groovecaffe netlabel, a Zagreb based netlabel specialised in groovy beats and chills; for their birthday-party they released a very nice compilation with sweet melodys and relaxed grooves: dig it here ---> :-)

new musik!

Just new music from around the world, collected and filtered for you by the mighty team of netwaves.
Be happy! :-)

[nws194] netwaves 6.02: new musik
playlist: https://www.radioscorpio.be/playlist/netwavesplaylistvan12102011 (new tab/window)
download compilation or podcast: https://www.archive.org/details/nws194 (new tab/window)

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netwaves' 5th birthday!

It's netwaves' 5th birthday: congratulations to us and to our listeners who make it possible every week to enjoy netlabels' finest tunes.
This episode also features a short hommage to the German netlabel Stadtgruen who decided to end their activities, which is a pity indeed.

[nws193] netwaves 6.01: 5th birthday!
playlist: https://www.radioscorpio.be/playlist/netwavesplaylistvan05102011 (new tab/window)
download compilation or podcast: https://www.archive.org/details/nws193 (new tab/window)

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Na 3 jaar geeft netwaves er nog eens een lap op in de vorm van een gezellig samenzijn met 'Wein, Weib und Lieder!'. De plaats is een niet-virtuele omgeving, nl. het bakstenen gebouw van de Sojo.
[nwsl007] netwaves live @ JH Sojo, Kessel-lo

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