sabam stopt definitief met agentschappen

Sabam: "Zoals bekend heeft SABAM op 31 december 2010 haar netwerk van onafhankelijke agentschappen opgedoekt die sinds 1962 belast waren met de inning van auteursrechten voor occasionele evenementen in heel het land. Nu zijn in alle regio�s commercieel afgevaardigden aan de slag, rechtstreeks in dienst van de hoofdzetel."

Dit lezen we eigenlijk in een reactie van Sabam op het populaire Een-programma "Basta": "De volledige context van het BASTA-verhaal"

Link (pdf): https://www.sabam.be/website/data/Communiques_de_presse/BASTA%20NL.pdf

Vreemd genoeg doet Sabam de eigenlijke uitgebreide mededeling in een franstalig communiqu� op het engelstalige deel van haar website: hallo?

Link: (pdf): https://www.sabam.be/website/data/Press_Releases/Fin_agences_2011.pdf

Et pour les flamands la m�me chose? Sabam begint meer en meer te lijken op de vergane glorie van een oudbollig, krampachtig belgicistisch gilde van componisten en artiesten. Jezes, wat een ouwbollige garde, doet denken aan Tunesi� en Egypte ...

Lees ook dit oud bericht over Sabam's schrik van een verdeling van Belgi�:
Link: https://netwaves.org/node/163


netlabelism's database

There's a new initiative in netlabel-town:
netlabelism.com tells: "Today we would like to present to you a brand new Netlabelism feature: The Contribution Database (Version 1.1 Beta). It�s a section where you can easily contribute your latest free release or music worth sharing. Register a free account and spread the word! At the moment we have chosen a very clear and simple layout for each release, so you can quickly see the artist, label, genre and where you can find it. You can share your impressions and ideas about the database in the articel comment section."

Link: https://netlabelism.com/contributor-database



This week you will find some of the nicest ambient tracks in the netlabel world, all gathered by netwaves. Think as a first step in a series of 'Best of ambient'. Netwaves only covers the more melodic ambient, not the type of put-a-brick-on-the-keyboard-and-move-it-aside-now-and-then-ambient.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws168 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws168] netwaves 5.15: ambient

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1 Paleo (Short ambience tool) - RuiD
2 District Delta - Cisfinitum
3 �nima - Koulomek
4 Morning - Stanislav Rubyteno
5 Pulse Session [Extract] - Paolo Veneziani
6 Pura Fingu Angelli Spicatta - Protogroup
7 Big bricks (abject sarcasm mix) - MonoCulture
8 Ra�z - 1981
9 Part - Monokit
10 Coeur Saignant - Marsen Jules
11 Lost and Found On the Moon - Astrowind
12 Sleep - Blue Sky Research


meet Ken Wood, Kimberly Clark, Suzi Wan and Mr. Cocktail & The Partymix

Monday evening is Basta! time in Flemish television: 4 guys who criticize general abuses, like the time you spend when you phone to the helpdesk of your telephone company and they connect and reconnect and connect back to colleagues.
Well, this monday they launched new popstars with a concert and with their signing in to the belgian collectors society Sabam. But the hoax was that these stars happened to be a kitchen-mixer, a can of soysprouts, a bottle of juice and a dryer. A week later they received the bill of 542,74 euro for the concert of these fake characters. This was/is clear evidence that Sabam does not check it's database.

And what it makes interesting, is that they had asked netwaves to look for 'sabam-free' music. So the tune you hear in the van, is a tune we played in netwaves 160, with the very appropriate title: "Fatal error" performed by Bachelor Machines.

This episode of Basta! reached 1.344.294 viewers!

Listen to this 8bit disco craze!:

license: cc:by-nc-sa

- Basta!
- "Fatal error" - Bachelor Machines
- collectors society Sabam


sabam in basta!

deze avond een kort item over Sabam in Basta, met muziek geselecteerd door netwaves (da's toch de bedoeling):

+ morgenvroeg een interviewtje over netwaves op Radio 1 "Peeters en Pichal" (tussen 9 en 11):


ring my bell ... legally

Finally! ringtones with a cc:by-nc license, thanks to Lee Rosevere.

If you hear this one (Duddle O'Frumble), then you hear my phone, or one from someone with the same taste as me.

link: https://www.archive.org/details/hpr044_LeeRosevere


This week you can listen to netlabels' spectrum of chilly electronics. Welcome to episode 167.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws167 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws167] netwaves 5.14: fresh chilly electronics

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1 Dirrrty - Rafa Valido
2 Flug des Ph�nix - Saege
3 You and I (Felkon Remix) - TkY
4 Over the Stars - Plastik Kettle
5 Alice In Wonderland - Shema
6 Gaza Hope - Ben OThman
7 Syncope - Perfect Blind
8 Before Romans Arrived - Christoph Schindling
9 Space Chase - Spacebirds
10 Dawn - The Additive


art against war

Sokak Sava?a Kar?? | Streets Against The War from sokak savasakarsi on Vimeo.

4 ?ehir / 294 Duvar / 2930 km Yol : Tek Animasyon

T�rkiye'de sokaklar ter�re ve sava?a kar?? !

4 Cities / 294 Walls / 2930 km Road : One Animation

in Turkey Streets against the terror and war !

via datapanik


fresh year, fresh electronics

Hail 2011! We serve some cold chills and hot leftovers from 2010. Just listen.
A happy relaxed year from the netwaves team: the 3 J's & REMY.

+++ warning!: the podcast suffers from lots of distortion: something went wrong in the technical dpt. of our non-profit host, we're still working on it - please keep in mind that we're all volunteers / better download the compilation for full stereo enjoyment +++

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws166 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws166] netwaves 5.13: fresh year, fresh electronics

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1 Nimbus Two - Perfect Blind
2 Blocster - Josh Winiberg
3 Your Smile - Plastik Kettle
4 Terra Fantastica - Science Train (Bassline rmx) - Groofeo
5 Bad News - Spinach Prince
6 Mental bazooka - W.H.Y.
7 Obsession One - Tokyo Mask
8 �piphyte - W
9 Child Space - Spacebirds
10 Rolling And Turning - The Additive
11 Domingo De Oto�o En Primavera - Lefrenk & Frances Lerouge


zoe.leela - ugly / video by s. fink from bilderwilderer on Vimeo.


happy birth...new year!

This year netwaves is going to celebrate its fifth anniversary, but that's for october-december-something. First, let's start 2011 with lots of happy electronic wishes, or 'how to play electronic music with analogics': "ghanina" - Spinach Prince (Let's hear the mp3-version tomorrow on netwaves 166).

ghanina - Spinach Prince from charles gorczynski on Vimeo.

Link: https://spinachprince.com/