Open Attribute

Finally an extreme handsome tool for all Creative Commons bloggers, called Open Attribute. With this Firefox addon or Chrome extension, you've got the CC-license in two clicks from the source page where you're copying/linking CC material. It will look like the rule here, which i copied from their website with their tool:

in html:
Work found at https://openattribute.com/ / Open Attribute / CC BY 3.0

in plain text:
Work found at https://openattribute.com/ / Open Attribute (https://openattribute.com/) / CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

link: https://openattribute.com/


eclectic netlabelism

This week netwaves plays eclectic netlabel tunes: from 8bit via world and funk till techdub.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws172 (new tab/window)

[nws172] netwaves 5.19: eclectic netlabelism

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1 Dr. Sleepgood 2 - Pocketmaster
2 Bombo Clap - Iszen
3 Destroy No More - A Nocturnal Reviere
4 My Way - Dad Roc
5 Sonando - Sonora
6 Only Fools - Zero V
7 Brown Box (Fulgeance Interstella Funk Remix) - Fulgeance
8 Knapknaf - Efko
9 Immobility - MonoChromatic
10 Immagini Sbiadite - Raimondo Sonis
11 Rudolf's Goat - Rudolf
12 Well - L_cio


Miguel gives his fiat

click to cut and play

download : f600 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive :
taken from - https://www.archive.org/details/epa056


new netlabel tunes

This week netwaves' motto is 'less is more': we dig in some minimal and microhouse stuff, with a side-focus on netlabels Miniatura (Argentina) and MonoKrak (Switzerland).

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws171 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws171] netwaves 5.18: new netlabel tunes

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1 2 Miles From Holland - Tony Cops
2 Winterzeit - Falk Golz
3 La Bailarina - Grau
4 Pendular - Jonathan
5 Nurses Fright - Intermittent
6 Aqua Angel - Microbit Project
7 Inovations - The Guru
8 230809 - the Audiologist feat. Nonima
9 Traum 560 - Floating Mind


Radio Scorpio in web 2.0 stijl

Sinds deze week heeft onze gastheer Radio Scorpio haar website in een nieuw web 2.0 compatibel jasje gestoken. Dwz. iedereen kan nu naar hartelust de blogs volgen, comments geven, rss-feeds laden, de stream beluisteren, 'i like'-en, shouten, social linken, etc...

Ah, en de hele website staat onder een Creative Commons 'by' licentie, zodat iedereen content van de site kan overnemen met enkel naamsvermelding.

Ik zou zeggen, laat je eens goed gaan op onze blog bij Radio Scorpio en spreid het nieuws:

Algemene link: https://www.radioscorpio.be
Netwaves @ Scorpio: https://www.radioscorpio.be/netwaves


interview with netlabelboss Derex

This week netwaves interviews a special guest: Derex from Russian netlabel Intox Noize.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws170 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws170] netwaves 5.17: netlabel Intox Noize

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1 Second_ego - Vad Vladsky
2 Thee electric way (1DJ RemiX) - 1DJ
3 Sexy - EugeneKha
4 Future sound (original mix) - DJ Maxsie & Alex Speaker
5 Fast Forward - Infinitum
6 astra - briquet
7 gor (Different ich Bin Nicht Wie Du Remix) - Synthax Error Cy
8 Light counter - Darksider
9 Zero Point Energy - Magdalena Solis
10 Like the Dragon (MFDK master) - Mach FoX & Derex


netwaves @ Fosdem 2011

This year netwaves got the privilege to get a booth at Fosdem, so we took the opportunity to tell the Fosdem public about the existence of beautiful free music. We also had our burnstation Walter exposed and lots of music.
Fosdem is "the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet."

We met lots of nice, friendly people, and got in contact with many interesting projects, among them:
https://hackerspace.be: ask an engineer
https://ayeko.com: Swiss webradio with netlabel music
https://fileunder.nl: Dutch music magazine
https://musescore.org: open source music notation software (our neighbours at the fair)

link Fosdem 2011


Fosdem 2011

Visit netwaves at the Fosdem event.
Link: https://fosdem.org/2011/


netwaves.bpm has left the building ...

... of the AperO!

foto: "stazione di Roma 1981" by embe - cc:by-nc-sa

A few weeks ago, we announced our dismission of the netwaves.bpm live @ AperO concept (read announcement). You can listen now, with some delay (mix dates from 2010-12-29), to the farewell mix made by our resident mp3-jays RuE9.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws.bpm014 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws.bpm014] music for departures

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7 AM - D25
Goodlife - camera singula
Sr. Click - Toyl
bject - how could i
Spielmusik - Violine
Markus Masuhr - Funcktion
7am - On The Wire
Nico Forster - Palapa
Traffic Jam - Secret
Criss - Clorophillah
Goodlife - fever pitch
Tom Mosler - Random Sunset
Naucca - urban design
Naucca - Lights
Goodlife - airborne sound
DML - F�r S
Stikleader - heliamphora
Pineapple Malibu.mp3
7 AM - D25 (Maciek Szymczuk Remix)
Markus Masuhr - Maria Su Et La
Martin Garnier - All Hope Is Gone
Kazooo - Blue Oyster
Elastique V. and Matt van K. - armature
7 AM - Closer.mp3
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - muttitasking
Hermetico - olvidada
Traffic Jam - Logic
Naucca - Big
Brandon Plank - Afterlife
Naucca - talk is cheap
Jose Ayen - al otro lado
Kazooo - Trickitout
Traffic Jam - Tivoli Signal
7am - Elephant
Sr.Click - Los Andes
Naucca - mnml plus
James McConaghew - Coldlime

chill out

Your weekly quality netlabel manager netwaves has made a selection of the nicest recent netlabel tunes.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws169 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws169] netwaves 5.16: chill out

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1 Soultan Tunis - Ben OThman
2 Changed Game - Dr Freebs
3 Destination: Space - SXtheMadArtist
4 theanythingscore - Someone like me
5 Kawhayulh - Dj' Raff Remix
6 Little Journey - Long Bong
7 Asian plastic places - Madame
8 Happenings - Need a Name
9 interrupted - continued
10 Nattsudd - Jimmy Myhrman


Swiss frog jumps into another pool

From the Swiss netlabel portal Starfrosch:

"Hi from starfrosch

We now run this blog for over 7 years and we noticed, that we no longer enjoy running it. We spend every month 100$ for the server and have no fun doing it. It was a good time with lots of fantastic new artists and freaky sound (and lots of crap).

We hope you enjoyed the ride. We don't want to stop blogging totaly and decided to move forward. Will you follow us?
Here we go.

We want to start a new starfrosch blog with new content. But first we need your help. What would you like to read, watch or listen to? Tell us your interessts, so we can feed you :)

Here is our new location."

music for deserts

foto: "Malaga beach" by embe - cc:by-nc-sa

With this ambient-mix jspr is succeeding the regular netwaves podcast about ambient, see https://www.archive.org/details/nws168. Enjoy 2 hours of this anthology of the best ambient netlabel releases in past 10 years.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws.bpm015 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws.bpm015] music for deserts

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1 Catnap - Akira Kosemura
2 Movement 2 : Island - .Tape.
3 West 1�10'25'' - Cordouan
4 Glasting Malvo - Kosik
5 120 cms - Gagarin
6 Nebellauf - Fern
7 on ono inakte (Xenoton edit) - Xenoton
8 Misadventures - Puzzling Evidence
9 In the brightest light - Jap Jap
10 Leave me alone, I'm thinking - 7oi
11 Derbyshire - Alex Young
12 Snowstall - Muhr
13 Fine Fettle - Breaks The Blank Day
14 Slow Bass Flute - Elisa Luu
15 The First Glimpse of The... - Deepspace
16 Million rooms (distorted) - Sleepy Town Manufacture
17 Another A Titled Song - Pacifica
18 Ironie des schicksals - Trickform
19 Odate in Harmonics - Huw Roberts
20 Type II - Spoweck
21 Third Eye - Mind Infinity
22 Grey - Echion
23 Mizu No Yume - Kokoro No Jojishi
24 Vortice - Gast�n Ar�valo
25 Coach and Six (Darkdrone remix) - Saluki Regicide
26 Caterwaul - Herzog
27 Astral - Protogroup