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Relaxed Machinery - a creative community supporting music, art, poetry, photography, and more - has launched a 'Netlabel Survey' and therefore are looking for participants amongst netlabel owners.

la bo�te � sons

French netlabel Libre Comme L'air (LCL) created a free sound bank "La bo�te � sons" under a CC by-nc license, supplied by the artists that released or collaborated with LCL. They also organise a music contest around this project.

"To introduce " La boite a sons " we organize a composition contest opened to every musician.

1- Produce a track using one or several of the sounds featured in the bank
2- Send it to contest[at]lclweb[dot]org
You can mix the sources, tempo and style are free. Your work must not contain any copyrighted material.
3- A first pre-selection will be promoted via freemusicarchive.org
4- A jury composed of cc music and netaudio actors will make a final selection, that will be released as a compilation on LCL"

more info:
LCL blog


essential listening for the e-holidays

Enjoy these 2 releases: they're essential listening stuff for electronic music freaks.
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East Germany: In 1979 a species completely alien to the socialist self-conception appeared, the first insular sightings of punks took place.

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Ascap and the boomerang effect

Read the paper which L. Peter Deutsch, EFF and Ascap member sent to Ascap:

"Dear ASCAP,
I have been a composer member of ASCAP for several years. I was disgusted by your grossly one-sided letter soliciting my contribution to your �Fund for the Arts.� ASCAP has consistently misrepresented the purpose, the history, and the facts of copyright � not to mention the mission and activities of Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other public-interest organizations � apparently in order to fatten its royalty stream deprive musicians of the ability to use each other�s work, and prevent listeners from enjoying music to which the law and the history of copyright entitle them. I recently completed a research paper on music copyright that backed up my reading of this situation.

I have sent a copy of this letter and your letter, and a contribution of $100 each, to Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and EFF.

L Peter Deutsch"

via ZeroPaid

Akwalek wins Peer Pressure contest

Akwalek, the guy who has helped founding netwaves in the beginning with our concerts and the radio-jingle, has won the "Peer Pressure Summer Kick Off - the SAE producer contest". From early glitch with city rhythms, he has evolved to more landscape based frozen rhythms and open air sounds.

Listen yourself:

[PeerPressure2010SummerJam] by Akwalek

The Data Liberation Front

The Data Liberation Front

The Data Liberation Front tells us: "The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products. We do this because we believe that you should be able to export any data that you create in (or import into) a product."