netlabel special Error Broadcast

While dubstep is experiencing its haydays, new derivatives like glitch hop, wonky, post-dubstep, funky, aquacrunk, street bass, skwee, ... arise. There's a German-Italian netlabel which is following these new trends closely, Error Broadcast
For the next two months netwaves is on holidays: hear you back at 7 september.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws188 (new tab/window)

[nws188] netwaves 5.35: netlabel special Error Broadcast

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1 Batyscaphe Finds A Music Box - Wols
2 Ghosts pt. 2 - Shlohmo
3 Face Without Sense - OL
4 Juno Had a Rough Day - The Great Mundane
5 Tapp that Motherbored - Chewy Benson
6 Wizard Swing Warriors - Benny B. Blonco
7 Strange Dreams - AEED
8 Velvet Night - AEED
9 Heat - Montgomery Clunk
10 Shapeshifter - Demokracy
11 Cartoon Friend - Pixelord
12 Cybernator (Abby Lee Tee Cyberwars Rebot) - Pixelord
13 Cybernator (PXLRD Remix) - Pixelord
14 For You pt. 2 - Shlohmo
15 Tidal Herbs - KenLo Craqnuques
16 Wonkycarz - Swede:art
17 Softgram - DZA
18 Shifty - DZA


do you need me?

This weekend this song was hanging in my head, i don't know why, or where it came from. It just sometimes happens, and this time it was, fortunately, a nice, kitschy, 'gay', tune. Thanks to the open - what some call the illegal - aspect of the internet, i'm a happy guy to rediscover this tune, and what's more, to find out the existence of a bizar videoclip i wasn't aware of. With Portuguese subtitles 8-S
This is not only the strength of the internet, but also the strength of search engines (in this case Google, you should try this once, haha!), where i found the result in just 3 steps with the only data i knew: "do you need me?" and "70's". Thank you, internet!
Sorry for the people who don't like 70's kitsch.

Sharif Dean - Do you love me?

More info about Sharif Dean, who appears to be a Moroccan-French-Belgian philosopher: weird x 3!


Les Encores des Baudouins Morts

Leuvens cultureel erfgoed uit de 90's: Les Baudouins Morts met hun verzamelaar vol rariteiten en onuitgegeven spul "Les Encores des Baudouins Morts".

Lees meer op de blog van mcpvc, de zanger van wijlen LBM:

Geschiedenis en anekdotia door Malcolm Nix:
https://ia600606.us.archive.org/17/items/WM120/WM120notes.pdf (pdf)


Due to sick presentators, no netwaves this week. Next week we will serve a special episode around the German-Italian netlabel Error Broadcast, famous for its new directions in hip-hop and urban. It will be the last broadcast before summer stop, we will be back again next 7 september.

Here's a cool Russian 70's appetizer:

OL - RUNAWAY from phedinkus on Vimeo.



4 voorstellen voor Sabam

"Illegaal geld innen: ik dacht dat dit enkel in Sicili� wijdverbreid was."

Lees in dit opinie-artikel in de Standaard de reactie van Lieven Scheire op de uitspraak van Sabam-persverantwoordelijke Thierry Dachelet dat de Basta aflevering over Sabam kwam van een "ontevreden artiest die aast op revanche".
Lieven doet vier interessante, constructieve voorstellen voor het nieuwe imago van Sabam.

artikel: Basta aan het oude Sabam

Een maand geleden had Radio Scorpio nog interviews met Lieven en Thierry,
beluister ze hier: https://www.radioscorpio.be/tags/lievenscheire


olden golden

This episode netwaves serves some old tunes from the netlabel-world, and it's like cheese: the more old, the more spicy, except when it's too old and full of mold, but then again, when it's blue mold ...

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws187 (new tab/window)

[nws187] netwaves 5.34: golden olden

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1 Nabeul - Ben OThman
2 atom of consumtion - Blood 1
3 Ghost of Love - Schmitz & Niebuhr
4 Cocaine Dreamers - fidel cutstro feat. Shane Laden
5 Gently Crush My Head - The Merricks
6 Playgirl - Fl�or
7 intelligent weapons stupid people - zainetica
8 Exit Peacemaker - New Delhi Fm
9 Eredit - Lex Nasa
10 Mission Street - Qk
11 Apple Flavor Mouth - Francisco Pinto


what's hot, what's not?

Here are some updates about netlabels and netlabelism:

The Netaudio London festival passed without any significant notice, despite the presence of Nurse with wound and Bruce Gilbert. You can read a review on netlabelism.com

The upcoming Netaudio Lissabon festival is postponed, due to technical reasons. Read more in this press message.

This year there was no Cologne Commons festival, as you noticed of course. The reason why is unclear. We hope we can rejoin them next year, because it's a cozy party.

"The Sun Will Rise" is a 'Inter-Netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief'. This release is an artistic support for the victims of the disasters in Japan. You can download the album with mostly ambient, downtempo, chill-out music from the IA parking. The project just closed down the donation part. More info at the project's website.

The famous Spanish techno-techhouse netlabel Offaudio quits the netlabel scene. Read more at their website: "After 7 years, Offaudio says adi�s". No reason is given for the departure, but as with lots of gone netlabels, we presume personal change-of-life reasons are an important factor for this kind of decisions. Pity.

Netwaves just discovered a new netabel e-zine: Net Audio Magazine, important for its reviews of netlabel releases.

The Spanish netlabel e-zine "Netlabels & News" has moved to it's own server: https://netlabelsnews.org/


electric eclecticism

Here's your weekly update in free electronic music, from dubstep till EBM.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws186 (new tab/window)

[nws186] netwaves 5.33: electronic eclecticism

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1 Save from your heart - Mzai(*)
2 In Vitro - Amygdala Projects
3 Catch The Noon (Slow Remix) - Modul
4 Restruct (Lorn - Army of Fear) - Ventolyn & Becotyde
5 Home Planet - The Womb
6 shemaha - shamanizm parallelii
7 Try - Legobyte
8 solaria (coproduced by joaquin) - max cavalerra
9 Disto - .EXE
10 Ibizza - Das Blaue Monster
11 eiserne hand - Kollektiv Turmstrasse

(*) there are some issues with this release, read more here: https://dystopiaq.com/?p=102

YouTube goes CC

YouTube launches support for CC BY and a CC library featuring 10.000 videos.

Work found at https://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/27533 / CC BY 3.0