Lazy Sundays september

zondag 22 sep. komen de deejays van netwaves (mb3) naar café Entrepot: verwacht u aan een luie, zonnige mix van Ibiza-Berlijn-Moskou chills

Lazy Sundays september

zondag 29 sep. komt deejay Marc Van Asch (Jazz Town) naar café Entrepot: verwacht u aan een luie, zonnige mix van Ibiza-Berlijn-Moskou chills


Dial F for Free Movie

Did you know that a lot of Hitchcock movies turned into the public domain? You can find download-links to more than 20 movies from the master of suspense without being arrested, prosecuted or murdered at the openculture.com website. I especially liked "The 39 Steps", "Young & Innocent" and "The Lady Vanishes"

You can find a list at the openculture.com website, beside other lists of free movies:

For the ultimate Hitchcock-fan, there's the 13,5 hour audio archive of the interview of Hitchcock by Fran�ois Truffaut: "Alfred Hitchcock long interview - with Fran�ois Truffaut", which was the basis of the eponymous book from Truffaut. As usual at the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/AlfredHitchcockLongInterview-FranoisTruffraut


C3S: fair collecting society

a brandnew type of collecting society sees light: you can help them with crowdfunding

"C3S is a collaborative effort to found a new and ground-breaking European collecting society for musical creators being build with themselves participating. C3S is intended to become a non-exclusive collective society to register musicians' works outside of traditional schemes, released under Creative Commons non-commercial licences, but monetised in commercial use. More than that, C3S will offer registering works for commercial purpose released under other free licences as well, including those works released under no explicitly defined licences."

my t-shirt is underway

link: https://www.c3s.cc/


toxic video

hitler takes a taxi and drives of to a school to do a puppetshow. he also eats a biscuit with jesus.


Lazy Sundays augustus

zondag 11 augustus speelt netwaves nog eens aan de Leuvense kaai;
omdat de vorige edities in 'Ibiza-style' fel werden gesmaakt, gaan we nog even door met de chills in de traditie van de Boedha-strandbars, verweg van de boenkende discotheken op het Spaanse eiland