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Antonio Contador + Calhau: "Nossa Senhora de F�tima Machine" [MERZ0026]


Curt Smith (Tears for Fears):

"I value my artistic freedom too much and don�t see the logic in giving away any ownership of my music to a major corporation whose influence on the music scene is slowly becoming irrelevant."



Curt Smith "aeroplane"
From release: halfway, pleased



Last.fm offers royalties

On july 1 Last.fm launched the "Artist Royalty Program". This lets artists on Last.fm accrue royalties whenever their songs are streamed. This affects only independent artists, ie. musicians not affiliated with a label or royalty collection agency.
If you haven't done already, upload your music to Last.fm, otherwise head straight to the Music Manager, to sign up. But remember, it's only rock'n'roll.

link via DigitalWorld.be
Original blog on Last.fm.

[red012] Marek Gabriel Hruska "Interview"

and again, a very charming, elegant clip, this time from netlabel Red.


[Miga_v11] Benjamin Chassagne "Cubes & Glitches"

from the netlabel Miga comes this very charming, elegant clip: