lounge time!

tussen al het feestgeweld is er gelukkig het loungy rustpunt "Lazy Sundays", ditmaal verzorgd door de ritme-smeden RuE9 (netwaves.bpm)


CC 10 year anniversary Mixtape - an anthology

netwaves was chosen to publish the European compilation, celebrating 10 years of Creative Commons: more info about the compilation here

[nws245] netwaves 7.12: CC 10 year anniversary Mixtape - an anthology

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws245

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws245/nws245_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws245/nws245.mp3

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

volgende zondag geven ejays Indip en jspr nog eens een elektronisch, zacht lapje op enkele rendieren

grfx: cc:by indipworks.be


music for electronic lovers

lots of electronics in this netwaves episode, and a short review of the relaunch of Creative Commons Belgium, have a look at www.creativecommons.be

[nws244] netwaves 7.11: for electronic lovers

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws244

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws244/nws244_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws244/nws244.mp3

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CC 10 year anniversary Mixtape

A European musical tribute to - and celebration of - the 10-year anniversary of the Creative Commons sharing tools.

Europe has great musical talent! Some of which is freely available under open licenses. This mixtape showcases the talent of 20 artists from 20 European countries. Local Creative Commons organizations have compiled a collection of twenty great songs to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Creative Commons licenses.

The resulting mixtape can be found at archive.org (in the netwaves records collection!) and is available for free download under various Creative Commons licenses.


Prelinger Remix Contest

FMA says: "The Free Music Archive and Prelinger Archives recently mixed their parts together and produced 122 strange and beautiful remix children. Though everyone's a winner when we contribute new and interesting works to the commons, some of our video remixes were especially full of winning."

How Do You Say Goodnight by Carlo Patr�o


reboot Creative Comons Belgium

next saturday Creative Commons Belgium will reboot, and to celebrate this, netwaves made a .be special: episode 243 is a compilation of belgian artists who publish their works under a CC license

[nws243] netwaves 7.10: reboot Creative Commons Belgium

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws243

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws243/nws243_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws243/nws243.mp3

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