r.i.p. Kikapu

Netwaves 2.19
looks back at the rich, beautiful life of Kikapu, who passed away too soon ... Amen!


01. King of the Streets - Eight BT
02. Esoam - Jenglander
03. Sorry I shook you - Winnie the Shit
04. Grey Matters - Books on Tape
05. Four on the Floor - The System Boot
06. Cherie Amour - Glomag
07. Orbiting around the Desolate Planet - Satellite Grooves
08. Intro - adcBicycle
09. In the Name of God - adcBicycle
10. The Shadow of John Maynard Keynes - Cellular
11. 6 - Eric Laurence
12. Shade of Black - Oveloe
13. Doppelhelix - Winterstrand


What's this website all about? part 2

The Barry Jeffries - [leda001] Fuck Off Edie: Femme Fatale (announcement)

What's this website all about? part 1

cartoon: Geekandpoke op Flickr.com gelicenseerd onder: CC-BY-ND

This cartoon was used as an illustration with the article (dutch): "Hoeder van Nederlandse muziekcultuur neemt zijn verantwoordelijkheid ook online".


Netwaves 2.18: Netwaves Live @ Kulturama

Netwaves Live still has a hangover of the past party @ the Kulturama fest: electricity everywhere in the air ...

We still like to thank the people from "het Depot" for the opportunity to play at this cultural party.


01. Picture This - Velocirapture
02. Supersynth - Resynthesize
03. Cool to me - Francky Ride
04. Elektrom�ll - Monostabil
05. Pino - Phundamental
06. Back to Darkness - The Threshold People
07. Kersche (Muxu remix) - Norton
08. A Ship in a Bottle - Weigl & Hoffmann
09. Find Out - Postepay
10. Abs - Rabitza
11. Helio Plastik - Pirata
12. Vette Loop 001 - EatMe
13. 110 - SQware

Sabam digs Creative Commons

Update (and now it's becoming more clear):
In a reaction Sabam states that there is nothing new under the sun: members always have been able to reject some parts of their rights management. New is the fact that one can reject the online management by Sabam, i.e. one can manage his music online, both downloads and streaming. The best way to do this is with a Creative Commons license.
Note: if you reject this service, it is applied to the whole of works, not for individual works. But this does not mean that you have to put your whole catalogue on the web.
Conclusion: i interprete this that you can release a CD under Sabam and let them earn moneyfor you, and in the mean time you can also put this release online with a Creative Commons license. This is a big step forward, but some questions remain like: what about a non-profit party where i play the downloaded songs, instead of the CD, do i have to pay or not?

Old version:
According to the popular portal for popmusicians "Poppunt" the Belgian collecting society Sabam will tolerate that her members use the Creative Commons license for their creative products. What I understand is that a member needs to revoke his Sabam membership for a certain part of his copyright management. This applies to the whole of artist's work. The artist can for example choose to manage his music online, and let his work free in pubs, shops, dj-sets, movies. The rest of the article is too confusing for me, so any help/comment is welcome.
More info at Poppunt (dutch) + contact at popadvies
No info at all at the Sabam website (!?), but there is one contact: Dirk Vervenne, the guy from our debate "Is er muziek na Sabam?".

At least, without being pretentious, I think we can be proud of ourselves to have stimulated and influenced the discussion on this high level, thanks to our debates "Is er muziek na Sabam?" & "Studiedag: auteursrechten en de kleine organisator" and reporting about CC in Belgium.

netlabelism.net @ Indymedia

Vorige zondag 17 feb. heeft netwaves.org nog eens reklame gemaakt voor de alomtegenwoordige goede muziek die onder Creative Commons wordt uitgebracht. Op uitnodiging van Indymedia.be, verzorgde embe de muziek gedurende haar opendeurdag.

Over die dag bericht Indymedia.be: "Een honderdtal mensen kwam zondag een kijkje nemen op de opendeurdag van Indymedia.be. Ze konden er in primeur kennismaken met het boekje �Burgermedia: opmars, ervaringen, bedenkingen�, luisteren naar een uiteenzetting van Nico Carpentier en meer te weten komen over de plannen van Indymedia.be."

Lees en bekijk meer.

[nwsl006] Netwaves live @ Kulturama: verslag

Het kot zat pompesvol vorige zaterdag. Weliswaar was niet iedereen voor Netwaves Live gekomen, maar een grote hoop wel voor het hoogtepunt van Kulturama, de Ed Banger labelnight. Toch was er een harde kern die na het elektronische opwarm-deken van dj Tmp zich genoeglijk liet gaan op de opzwepende beats van Pleksi & Kronoz. Deze jongelui hadden ook een verdienstelijke bijdrage aan de Scorpio DJ-contest gedaan, en stonden als beloning nu op de breakstoel van de Silo. Vervolgens verrraste Cpt. Interceptor met z'n electro act: concurrentie voor Dr. Lectroluv heeft zich bij deze gemeld. Vervolgens deden B&P de Netwaves op een professionele manier beuken op de dansvloer. Akwalek deed uitgeleide met z'n typische vloeiende, psychedelische, organische golfbewegingen. Kortom Netwaves Live bewees vorige zaterdag dat dit concept staat als een beuk. Een uitgebreid fotoverslag vind je als je op de foto klikt.


Scorpio-DJ contest

The winner of the Scorpio-DJ contest in cooperation with 'het Depot' and 'Kulturama' has been announced. The jury chose the mix of pq(prime) with his own minimal and progressive house tracks as the winning mix.
Normally pq(prime) would have performed live as part of �Netwaves live� at the Kulturama festival in Leuven (Belgium), but unfortunately he had other musical obligations. Instead of the winner, we welcome other two participants of the contest: Cpt. Interceptor and Pleksi & Kronoz.

As promised, you can find the release on the famous mix-netlabel Sonic Walker. We would like to thank Sonic a lot for the hosting and releasing.

more about pq(prime):

Download the mix here.

Fashion Girls (0-2:40)
From now on, we are Elvis (2:40-6:24)
Sometimes she tells me a f** up story (6:24-9:40)
Is she worth it? (9:40-18:24)
Fashion Girls #smartmix# (18:24-20:23)


Netwaves: John Lagora

Netwaves interviews John Lagora and warms up for the Kulturama gig.


01. M�todo Paranoico Cr�tico - In Vitro
02. Hamburg-Bratislava - FeldFunker
03. So beautiful - Ampexx
04. 12. September (Firefighters & Police) - John Lagora
05. Birds - John Lagora
06. Clubbesuch - John Lagora
07. Hard Attack - Love Of Life
08. Things Like That - 7am aka Off Pop


iPunk nu!

Marco blogt er nog eens op los: "Het ontstaan van de Punk zo rond �77 is te danken aan een groep musici die zich gingen verzetten tegen de muziekindustrie. Waarom kan nu niet hetzelfde gebeuren? BUMA(nvdr. = nederlandse Sabam)-muziek is niet beter dan de vrije muziek die je op internet kunt vinden. Waarom gaan de nieuwe webloggers zich niet focussen op vrijere artiesten en bands? Gewoon schijt aan alles: doen! Dat is een investering voor de toekomst, voor jouw weblog. Jouw content kan behouden blijven en zal nooit onder dwang verwijderd worden."
Lees meer.



minimal ... unfoundsound ...


01. Ballistic Missile Armed - Agnes
02. Drew's purse is so mnml - Butane
03. Rose Schwartz (Ben Parris Holocaust Live remix) - Spunky Brewster
04. Goofball - Someone Else
05. Un Monde sans Fil - Frivolous
06. Reclaiming the 120's - Mike Uzzi & Ben Recht
07. Addict - diss0nance
08. Precious Sweet Friday - Apoll


apes ape apes

Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing:
"The idea that the same copyright regime should apply to movie studios and kids who photocopy comics is preposterous."
Conclusion: "We need to stop shoe-horning cultural use into the little carve-outs in copyright, such as fair dealing and fair use. Instead we need to establish a new copyright regime that reflects the age-old normative consensus about what's fair and what isn't at the small-scale, hand-to-hand end of copying, display, performance and adaptation."
Read more ...
via Marco.


Endless Netwaves

Netwaves 2.15 interviews post-rockers Endlos.


01. Foolish Train - Hudozhnik
02. Turismo - Vate
03. Unconscious Alliance - General Fuzz
04. Mistery Lizard (feat. Richard Gorilla Geer) - The Rabbits
05. Hast du viele hast du keine - Endlos
06. Gestern warst du anders - Endlos
07. Ist das alles - Endlos
08. How hard do you try - Tone
09. Move me sideways - Tone
10. We love Lalalas - Choral Top