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Speck - Randomia from Taras Gesh on Vimeo.

Speck - Randomia (Bonus Track)

Nikita Bondarev sends us a really deep, profound and touchy sonic blanket straight out of the Siberian taiga � the world�s largest terrestrial biome. And he says: �You still alone.�

Can you imagine yourself becoming a tiny spot turned out to be absolutely alone in the middle of those huge plain landscape? But certainly you�ll feel warm and comfortable enough just with you own. So don�t be scared, this is sweet dream for sure.

Video: Taras Gesh


electroluxic tunes

Fresh new netlabel tunes, focus on pure electronics, which your Bauknecht will like. new weekly netlabel tunes: [nws207] netwaves 6.15: electroluxic tunes info & playlist: download compilation (zip): podcast (dutch): all podcasts in iTunes


midwinter beats

Back on track with fresh new netlabel tunes, from russian rap to swedish electroclash.

new weekly netlabel tunes: [nws206] netwaves 6.14: midwinter beats

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We're back from the little winterstop, bringing the last and freshest tunes from 2011.

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more netmuzyka

here's another great resource of netlabel pearls: the Niesencja compilations, put together by the polish netaudio blog ""

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happy new ear!

we celebrate the new year with a new face for our blog and a compilation with an overview of the best netlabeltunes from 2011, put together (under direction of Phlow) by several international netlabelistas: listen to netwaves' contribution:

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