national public broadcaster starts a social site

This came under my attention via the official CC blog: "The ABC, Australia's national public broadcaster, just launched a CC-friendly social media space, Pool, which is designed to provide a "place for creative content makers to upload their work, publish and collaborate". Pool offers users the ability to upload their content - whatever the medium - under the full suite of CC licences (as well as All Rights Reserved) for other users to reuse and share."
So, this public broadcaster gives a good example of keeping public content open for the public. But i'm afraid there is still a lot of work to do: public broadcasters have to put all their content in the public, because they are being paid by the tax payers. So, all content must be given back to the people who funded it, not by selling it, but by putting it on the internet with an open license. Compare it with open source in governmental institutions.

commercial or not commercial?

40 years ago, in the magical year 1968, rock was about rebellion, anti-capitalism and non-conformism. Nowadays, rock seems to have lost its spirit in favour of money and clever marketeers, resulting in mainstream alternative shit on the radio.
This clip has nothing to do with netlabels, but it could have been in those days, when all these bands were unknown and exploring the musical limits with no commercial purpose, but rather freeing the spirits and minds.
31 august 1968, Pink Floyd at Kastival in Kasterlee, and that is in the middle of nowhere in Belgium. Earlier that year, they also passed Leuven on their tour: anyone been there, in the 'Rijschool'?

Welcome: a short guide to netlabelism.net

Yes, we're being blogged in one of the most popular computer netzines, Zdnet.be and Zdnet.nl. For those readers, i will give some tips to where to start netlabelism.
++ If you're a music fan, you can start to download music by the style of music you like. Warning: out of respect for the artist, i have no direct links to the files, rather a link to the release page, so you also have info about the artist, and you can download the cover as well.
++ If you want to browse by yourselve through the wonderful world of netlabels, there is a short subjective list of the most important netlabels to start.
++ If you want to read about netlabels because you're a student, journalist, researcher, i've compiled a bibliograpy. Because most of the netlabels work with a Creative Commons license, so they can distribute music without lawyers, i've also collected information about this license in the same link.
++ If you have no time, but want to have a quick overview of netlabels, you can download very good compilations from phlow magazine and Blocsonic. In the future netwaves.org is going to review some classic netlabel compilations, and we are also going to set up our own line of compilations by style. You may expect the first release in october, a compilation of the best of electro in the netlabel scene.
++ If you have lots of time, you can navigate in netlabel world with all the links in the navigation section at the left.
++ For the rest, you can do a search on this blog via the search box at the top right.

Have a nice sonic trip around the wonderful world of netlabels!


Phonocake 50th release on a ... cassette!

Phonocake releases 50th sonic cake "Jugends�nden / Follies of youth", a compilation, on a cassette tape: "Matching the old school spirit that comes with the 10-years-review we decided to present this release only on cassette. It's not the best way in distribution, especially when being a netlabel, but we also want to show the disadvantages of limited media."

Cake bakers are: Madstyle, Bad Comfort, Al Magnifico, Trans Alp, S�ren Matschiste, parmon, Peter Venus, AAA, Deftype, Alec Troniq, Noise-Beyond-Silence and Granufunk.
More piece of a cake here.

From an older release:Trans Alp - Lied der Bergarbeiter Strom [phoke32]

more links galore

More useful links about copyright:
Wikipedia definition of "Copyright"
Wikipedia definition of "Auteursrecht" (Dutch)
Official website from the Belgian department of intellectual property "Belgische Dienst voor de Intellectuele Eigendom: Auteursrecht en naburige rechten", with an extended list of links, ao. collecting societies.

Again, hot stuff for students, researchers and educators.
Check it out in "links > basics".


Expo '58

If you can't get enough of the Expo '58 itching, here are some more links:

Movieclip from the Internet Archive, published in the Public Domain.

a collection of old movies on YouTube

Brussels Bureau for Tourism

Modern Mechanix (jan. 1958): The Atomium

useful links

I've added some useful links to copyright websites, definitions in general and particularly for Belgium. Interesting stuff for students, researchers and educators.
Have a look in "links > basics".
You will also find in "links > listen" the link to breipott, the nice bar in Berlin, which i blogged about already.


copy & paste from 1942, starring Adolf

"Gen. Adolf Takes Over, 1942/01/07" is an excellent piece of pre-historic sampling and copy & paste-ism, apparently with bits from 'Triumph of the Will' (Leni Riefenstahl). It' s placed in the public domain by Universal Studios.


Suck my disc!

SonnyJim - Suck My Disc [SonnyJim Music]
Video by Martin Schlecht


musical rice

If you happen to be in, or go to Berlin, be sure to walk into "das Breipott" and order some of the delicious rice snacks, download some netlabel stuff, and have a good time. This fresh, colourful bar, snackhouse started 14th of june this year, and offers on one hand a comprehensive menu of snacks based on cooked rice, and on the other hand, one can download "Gema"-free music (Gema is the German collecting society) on terminals, specifically configured for the purpose of downloading. Although the music is published under a Creative Commons license, the Breipott team will doublecheck the artists and tunes on their Gema status before they put them on their public computers.
You can find "Breipott" and its enthusiastic team in Skalitzer Stra�e 81, and that is the Kreuzberg 36 department of Berlin.

Watch some more photos.


create your own favicon

You can make and publish your own favicon under a CC licence. Even the link is very CC:
A favicon is the little icon at the left in the box where you fill in the url, or the little icon in the corner of a tab. It's very easy: draw an icon, then download it for your website. If you want to publish it, you have to register, and then you can chose the CC licence. You can also upload an existing image, drawing, picture up to 4 mb, and Favicon will make you an icon.

Jamison Young & The X-Files

Jamison Young appears with 1 track on the soundtrack of the new feature film �The X-Files: I Want to Believe�. Young releases all his music under a CC licence, and he travels a lot to play in local pubs and gigs, also to discuss about CC.

Update: this song is not included on the soundtrack, read Jamison's blog thoughts about that fact.

Last dec. Netwaves watched him playing in Leuven, and had a talk with the man, which you can relisten here. We wish all the luck to Jamison.

Via CC-blog.

Jamison Young: "Memories child" (2005)

? a real copyleft tune ?

Simuze.nl organiseert muziekwedstrijd

Vanwege het mooie weer organiseert Simuze.nl in samenwerking met The Green Motel in Utrecht een wedstrijd waarbij muzikanten gratis opnametijd, promotie en een optreden kunnen winnen. De enige voorwaarden zijn dat de muzikanten lid van Simuze zijn, dat zij minimaal twee nummers op Simuze hebben staan of zetten en dat zij zich op de website voor de wedstrijd aanmelden. De winnaar krijgt een weekend studiotijd (inclusief afmixen) bij The Green Motel van Maarten Besseling voor een demoproductie. De wedstrijd gaat 1 augustus van start en muzikanten kunnen zich tot 15 september aanmelden.

Meer info, reglement en inschrijven op deze Simuze.nl link.


Ode Cologne

Phlow-Magazine.com did it again: they released a compilation with music from Cologne based netlabels.