what the funk!

This week netwaves digs in netlabels' funky shit. Let's shake these free butts!

As a way of testing, i've included the original tracks on the respective archive.org page, so you don't have to listen to the Dutch talks in between. This way you have a kind of a "Best of this week netlabel tunes".

Though i'm still figuring out the presentation: 1 zip file or several files? the discussion is open. Let me know what you think about it:
e m a i l: input @ netwaves.org .

This one is also something experimental: i've put the 'listen to' audio file in the new html5 tags, looking like this (link html5 doctor):

<audio controls autobuffer>
<source src="link.ogg" />
<source src="link.mp3" />

Browsers supported:
Browser Ogg Vorbis MP3 WAV
FireFox 3.5 ? ?
Safari 4 ? ?
Chrome 3 (beta) ? ?
Opera 10 (beta) ?

So, here's the magic player in brandnew html5 (if you don't see any player, just buy a new computer):
Download or listen to [nws134] netwaves 4.20:

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1 Step Up (Feat. Arnossi) - Titus Twelve
2 Dont You Know Who I Am? - Swin Deorin
3 Luces LED - DrXL
4 Fakerska Zika - Enggenier
5 Ion Funnel - Sudio
6 verso ?sin esfuerzo? - menuda coincidencia
7 The Glass Bead Game - Sephirot
8 Believe - Flux & Vega
9 By Any Means - Small Radio
10 Freeze The Cut (Opolopo's Emotional Draft Remix) - Comfort Fit
11 Technician (Preview) - Das Blaue Monster