100 netwaves

Netwaves celebrates its 100th episode with an anthology of nr. 100/200 releases of our favourite netlabels. You can browse all episodes at this link.

A big thanx to all the people who got netwaves at this stage.

Download or listen to [nws100] netwaves 3.24: an anthology of netlabels' 100/200's.


01. Interloop - Aaron Jasinski
02. Lokki - Diskreet
03. Hippo Lady - Wolf Sun
04. Jaded - K.D. Expression
05. Project of Science - John Tennant
06. Fish Follow Shine - Chromatic Flights
07. Three Words - The Over Greenland
08. Son of a Pitch - Pitch Boys
09. Sunrise 441 - Exoxen
10. Agni, Sweetie - Tang Kai
11. Greet the World with a Smile - Veer
12. Memories - Anders Svensson


music for wasabi

Netwaves' chef jspr continues to create delicious netlabel recipes. His third contribution to the netwaves.bpm cookbook is a dinner best served loud! The beats are hot, the breaks spicy... This is music for wasabi!

foto: wasabi by tokyogoat: by-nc-sa.

Download or listen to [nws.bpm007] Music for wasabi.


01. Klippe - Kern
02. Abdul me Asusta - Tinitus
03. Keijis Dream - Mint
04. Geteiltes Sein - Emil Klotzsch
05. Cumbia Bichera - El Remolon
06. Kowblow - Kero
07. Catkilla (Eriksolo Remix) - Apes On Tapes
08. THC 1138 - Disrupt
09. Rock Da Dam (Feat. Portformat) - Comfort Fit
10. Idle Moments #1 - Kirioucha
11. Fanfarel - Emil Klotzsch
12. Rectificate - Blit

new delikatessen

1 week before our 100th episode, we serve netlabel's finest stuff.
Download or listen to netwaves 3.23: recent delikatessen


01. Arms And Bears - Infant Color
02. walk to the moon - f.l.o.
03. Step One - Aydio
04. Big Fists (secret mommy mix) - Azeda Booth
05. Tired of Losing - Engine7
06. Ha� - Fucksia
07. For Sure This is Nature - I vs nature
08. Pony Ride (Pesina Siller Remix) - Pesina Siller
09. Coloured Cubes - Jap Jap
10. Trouble Scene - M.W.D.
11. God is Wifi - Noisome
12. Animals - Tracing Arcs
13. Petazetas - Alisu
14. La Belleza Esta Siendo Convulsiva En Este Mismo Momento - Tonossepia


Jamendo launches "Thanks for downloading" campaign!

From Jamendo: "After the UK and New Zealand, France is considering a so-called "three strikes" law to fight illegal file-sharing on the internet. Here at jamendo, we of course support free and legal music downloads, which is why we are launching a "Thanks for downloading" campaign!" more info via Netties


time for some EBM

"Warset" by Normablock - [SZ005] Antisysanalysis


A Guide To Open Content Licences

I just added "A Guide To Open Content Licences" by Lawrence Liang to my 'basics' section.
The book tries to answer some questions, like:
What is copyright?
What is copyleft?
How can we share culture in a world where everything has a license?

"Scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others are increasingly interested in making their work available in 'the public domain'. This booklet is an overview of the ways in which this has been done and a guide to the growing area of Open Content Licenses through which people design and safeguard access to their work."

You can download the guide here (pdf). Thanks to Peter from Constant.


wish you were beer

"Beer is cheaper than gas" by frotzed2, cc-by-sa

Loads of beer by Buddard from release [bud001] Wish you were beer, cc-by-sa


... the internet!

A cartoon by Dylan Horrocks, donated to mankind:

Review: Max Cavalerra: The Bigger The Better EP (broque)

After numerous releases on the Cologne based Karmarouge and the Broque netlabel, Max Cavalerra doesn�t need much of an introduction. In this EP he points out he�s able to manage different styles of contemporary techno. Deep, bass-driven techno, bumpy clickno as well as incorporating warm melodies without losing touch with the percussion structure underneath. This EP is a truly proof of his capabilities to capture an idea into quality music, whatever the vibe of the track is.

For me, �Function� and �In Memory of Voilett� are the ones you should pay special attention to. �In Memory of Violet� stands out the most with subtle layered percussions and a warm soothing melody which makes you forget how apathetic techno could sound. �Function� on the other hand, is a bouncing groovy piece with a nice percussion-fed hook in the middle of the track. Especially the way the break falls in, with rambling stabs and cuts without losing touch with the original groove, is work of subtle perfection. Other tracks such as �1000cm� and the industrial techy �Impact� are perfectly suitable for any occasion to be played out through the night.

With clearly a couple of tracks standing out of the bunch you could say this is a mediocre release but the variety Cavalerra shows in this package will inevitably make this EP especially useful and appreciated around the globe. A solid release nonetheless with some highly recommended tracks.




Review: Santos Resiak � Mi�rcoles (unfoundsound)

Dante Costantini, aka Santos Resiak, delivers a stunning 5-track EP on the unfoundsound imprint. Five dj-friendly cuts filled up to the max with typical warm percussions as well as jazzy and dark stripped down elements.

The EP starts off with �Timba�, a pounding tribal gem with lots of analogue madness. At first glance, the track starts off like most of contemporary latin influenced minimal does, with a solid, more or less tone lacking percussion loop. In this case soon enough broken by a weird vocal snippet which warns for more wackiness to come. After a warm vocal break the track is covered up with some short stabbing synths to structurize the whole composition.

�Lost weekend� is a more chilled out track, the most experimental one of the EP. The slow pace of the track allows room to make the samples breathe more. Not very dancefloor minded but nice home listening material though.

Au contraire; �Check My Cumbia� is a track with ever-building percussions towards a nice organ riff. You get pleasantly indulged with a rollercoaster of funky techno, organic jazz, groovy house and quick snaps and cuts.

Enduido is the most dj-friendly one of the package. This one has C�cille and Moon Harbour written all over it. It starts off with an irresistible drum loop, after a while accompanied by a vague vocal. We find a solid deep groove but it remains addictive nonetheless by dropping funky elements when time is ready. This one�s is as funky as they get!

The last one, Mi�rcoles, is a haunting minimal gem with precise drumming and vocals with lots of reverberation. It leaves you with a certain confusion, this being a hypnotising marriage between precise analogue drumming and quirky snippets.

Santos Resiak�s Mi�rcoles EP is a well-elaborated piece of minimal techno anno 2009. Combining a wide variety of influences with a subtle sense of precaution. Anyhow, you�ll find soon enough these five pieces contain more than just regular faux-chic boom-clapping. No doubt a breakthrough EP from this fresh Argentinean producer. Santos Resiak�s distinctive take on percussion and his intuitive ability to use tension building, makes this EP a great contemporary piece of electronic music.


royalty free music for pubs and airports

Jamendo has started a new service 'Jamendo pro' for owners of a public place like a pub, resaurant, shop, hotel, waiting room, garage, station, airport, .... It gives an alternative to paying collective rights society fees (ASCAP, BMI, MCPS, SOCAN, BUMA/STEMRA, SABAM, GEMA, ...). You save those fees and offer your customers a varied and quality music catalog available through online streaming. You can try some samples of music here. If you want to subscribe, please enter my sponsoring code : embe.


music for seafood

Pleksi is your butler. He serves you a fine 7 course menu with an excellent wine from 1983. Everything will be easy digestable, from starter to dessert. It�s a walking dinner that keeps you going.
Download or listen to [nws.bpm006] Music for seafood.
foto by Pleksi: cc-nc-sa

01. Ride and drive IV - Kronoz
02. Out for the chopping block - Mr Smith
03. Avgrundens Harskare - Donk Boys
04. Night TrainDynamik - Matthias Korr
05. Where we go - Joe Ellis
06. Minorache - Audiodox
07. Balloon 2 - Kronoz
08. My house in Detroit - Elektrodrei
09. Treibgas - Norman Creed
10. Piknic Moderne - Eloi Brunelle
11. Suembiossis - Einzahlpflege
12. Simon & Garfunki - Hugo
13. Un monde sans fil - Frivolous
14. Only - Paul Keeley


Nl. bedrijf moet betalen voor gebruik mp3-speler

In het Nederlandse bedrijf Suplacon mochten enkele werknemers naar hun iPod of muziektelefoon luisteren. Tot een waarnemer van de auteursrechtenorganisatie Buma/Stemra in 2007 merkte dat er "speelklare muziekapparatuur" aanwezig was. Er kwam een rechtszaak van, en die is gewonnen door Buma/Stemra.
Citaat van de uitspraak: "De voorzieningenrechter is van oordeel dat uit het feit dat medewerkers van Suplacon tijdens werktijd naar muziek mogen luisteren, zelfs middels een i-Pod of mobiele telefoon, volgt dat Suplacon een bedrijfsbelang heeft dat zijn medewerkers naar muziek kunnen luisteren. Immers, tevreden werknemers werken harder. Er is dan ook sprake van een openbaarmaking van muziek in de zin van artikel 12 van de Auteurswet."

via Zdnet
lees ook Marco's blog: "Rechtbank Zwolle praat poep!"


bar Breipott, Berlin

Netwaves' Toon has a chat with Saskia, who owns the snack/music/bar 'Breipott' in Berlin, all CC for Creative Cooking and Creative Commons. Cheers! 

Download or listen to [nws097] Netwaves 3.21. 




01. Atrocious Camera - Figurative theatre
02. I Kill Rappers - Maartez
03. Godless (extended_remix) - Maartez
04. 505 Flamingo Drive - Professor Kliq
05. Gangbang in Bollywood (Bonustrack) - Phour Trakk
06. Run Quick - Cuebism
07. When she looked at me (i saw her wondering) - Niwa
08. Oe Eo - Imaabs
09. creation - Imperial Sound Army feat Dan i
10. Pictures of the Floating World - Renzu
11. Grizzly - The Banjo Consortium


how to make prison wine

Andrew Hart tells in this educational clip how to make wine when you stay in prison. You must stay at least 1 week in jail for a good result.


Netwaves supports Silenced

This month's Netscapes shows some DJ's from Silenced. This thursday 5 march (exceptionally switched with wednesday 4 march) DJ Dan Droff shows what minimal is all about. Toujours @ Caf� AperO, Oude Markt, Leuven. This Silenced project, based in Leuven, has just released an important announcement for a European netlabel-DJ contest.

"Dearest electronic music producers,
would you like to come to Belgium and play your music for lots of people in an awesome club?
This is the sixth edition of the yearly Silenced competition. We are looking for talented, European producers with a passion for minimal techno. Winners will be flown over to Belgium where they'll perform live on the main stage of one of Belgium's finest underground clubs. We are talking about club Silo, where we host our party "Silence" (26/09/09), which is all about new music, fresh artists and a thousand clubbers. This booking is one thing, but there's more to this contest!

The winners get to join the Silenced collective and they'll be invited to make a release on our netlabel. Furthermore we can give you radio airtime and our commitment to fix you more bookings in Belgium.

What do you need to do?
Make kick ass minimal techno and send a myspace link to contest@silenced.be, mentioning you'd like to join our contest.

The deadline for participation is the 31st of May. An experienced jury will listen to your tracks and contact the finalists

Check our website: www.silenced.be
Questions? info@silenced.be"


netlabel Muff

Netwaves interviews the people from netlabel Muff, based in Leuven, Belgium, and learns that Rotselaar is one of the chillest places in Belgium. Rotselaar rules!

Download or listen to [nws096] Netwaves 3.20.


01. Chibichana (Groove Ni?o Remix) - Los Re:Cyclers
02. More Air Please - Ambidextrous
03. State Call at the Prison - Resn
04. Lotus - Petrovszky
05. The Edge - Taibo Holz
06. Birds on Fire - Harmonik
07. Carson's Rule - Dektro
08. 50mann50hz - Dapayk solo