the chilly episode

This week netwaves presents some nice chilly, loungy tunes. Summer is in the air!

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Listen to [nws146] netwaves 4.32:

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1 No Aloha (The Breeders cover) - Montag
2 cat's cradle - Jean Nine
3 Rain - Dikital
4 Wolf Moon (Navam Poya) - Miku?
5 If Only (feat. Gizella) - Staggerman
6 Zarya - VAD
7 Hotel Ceramic - Down Review
8 Glimmer - Zulusas
9 Kai - Neotnas
10 Exit Peacemaker - New Delhi FM
11 Fio-Lic - Miteigi Nemoto


take a trip to Oslo

It's a movie of about almost 7 1/2 hours, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.
Here you can see a 10 minute video, from Finse where the scenes from Hoth in 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back' were filmed.,
The whole trip is available at the Norwegian Broadcast Company NRK.

�Bergensbanen� � NRK



This week netwaves goes a bit nuts by playing some deviant stuff. One of the advantages of netlabelism is the remarkable creativity, not driven by money, but driven by soul.

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Listen to [nws145] netwaves 4.31:

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1 Tom and Jerry - Monolife
2 Weird Clerkfish Is Waking Up Hungry (feat. Esdo) - Alexander Chereshnev
3 The Sky Turned (Feat. Imachi Akira) - Feldmaus
4 Prosvaiste - Giriu Dvasios
5 Milan - Neotnas
6 One Twenty Detail V3 1 - Jimmy Edgar
7 Execute Autumn - ENV(itre)
8 Laika - NGC 1365
9 event horizon - codex
10 Heart of the Sun - Miku?
11 Silence (STM Rozhdenie Rmx) - Blackfeel Wite
12 Aquecido - Yokandesh
13 Weird Clerkfish Is Swimming Away Satiated - Herr Bubenschtolz


the man from boingboing

You can also download the book, cc:by-nc-sa.

new delikatessen

With a little delay, here it is, the new podcast/compilation netwaves 144, recorded live on the move in studio 321 in Wilsele Putkapel. Haleluja!

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Listen to [nws144] netwaves 4.40:

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1 Radio Thing - Laab
2 Hmbrg - Glander
3 Interaction Dub (Megadrop RMX) - Vlastur
4 i gotz elekted lol - bassrack wobama
5 step ya mind - babysitta
6 Atavism - MINT
7 Build Music Var.1 - Catigator
8 No Shame - Jimmy Penguin
9 Wasted in Warzaw - Ixtlan
10 dreams tape - lenares
11 Antes de na - Andr�s Caramalo & Sr.Click
12 in heaven - auto-pilot


ode Cologne

Press release from Cologne Commons.

The festival takes place 11-12 june:
Geb�ude9, Deutz-M�lheimer-Str. 127
51063 K�ln

Meet us there!

In the meantime you can relisten to/download our reportage, with interviews, from last edition of the Cologne Commons.


sheet music

Yesterday, netwaves was invited by the Cultural Counsil from Leuven to give some explanation about Creative Commons. The Counsil exists of people involved in non-profit organisations for amateur arts.

After our exposition, people could pose some questions, and what stroke me, there is a big demand for 'open/free' sheet music. I never had the interest to search for the existence of this kind of music experience, so i had not much to answer. Now, as a way to meet this demand, i've googled a bit on sheet music and Creative Commons, and i think these few links are a good start. My first impression though is that there is more public domain than CC, but that's maybe because most op the composers are dead, and so there's no need for a CC license?

So, bonne chance!

- Public Domain Sherpa: everything public domain with lots of research and explanations
- the Wikipedia page of sheet music, with some links (at the bottom) to free sheet music
- IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library: their goal is "to create a virtual library containing all public domain music scores"

Any other suggestions are welcome, you can use the comment field!


relaxing beats

Netwaves brings you some relaxed chilly tunes. Sweet dreams!

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Listen to [nws143] netwaves 4.29:

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1 Nagaigoto - Aileron
2 4 Stars, A White Moon - Unsaid
3 Slow Motion - Kodek
4 Soultrap - nuMPad
5 Jupiter Final v3 - Pay-per-frog
6 Locked deep inside - Tetarise
7 A little bit about miracles - Tetarise
8 Urban Feels - Albert Koall
9 Forget All Those Bad Days - Falk
10 Cosmic Lowrider - Neonicle


netwaves.bpm @ AperO

This evening netwaves.bpm @ AperO presents 1MC. "1MC will submerge you in the world of Netlabel music... This with a fine selection of Techno, Minimal and House..." 1MC has a 2-weekly podcast on dirtyRadio and iTunes. DirtyRadio is a non-profit radio service and they promote artists through webcast and podcast media. DirtyRadio has one mission: to discover and promote the finest electronic music. Chek it out wed. 2010-05-05 22:00-01:00 in caf� AperO or live stream.

relax for 4 minutes

Chill with this cool, smooth clip from Dutch (Den Haag) downtempo producer Crookram - "Through Windows" on Budabeats or Crookram's own netlabel Bankrupt Recordings.
Read the interview (dutch) with Crookram on VPRO's 3voor12 site.



round numbers

This month marvin suicide published its 200 th podcast. Marvin suicide is one of the old values in the netlabel world, serving since 2005 every month a cool selection of cool beats and experimental soundscapes. MS defines itself as "a downloadable music programme that plays songs found freely and legally on the internet". The description on the archive.org site is more depth psychology:
"Do you like the smell of goats? Spend every day thinking about fun? Don't like using public toilets? Then try listening to these monthly shows playing music and sounds that have been found legally and freely on the glorious internet."
Happy podday, Marvin!

The other 'centennial' news comes from Yekaterinburg, Russia, where Deep-X Recordings released its 100th release, a compilation spread over 4 virtual cd's with 50 songs.
Their preferences are the following sub-genres of techno: Experimental Techno, Dub Techno, Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, Detroit Techno, Tribal Techno, German Techno, Swedish Techno, Italian Techno, Latin Techno, Jtek, Ambient Techno. As well as Dark House, Brit House, Progressive House, Tribal House, Acid House, Deep House, Funky House, Tech House, Microhouse.
According to our resident deejays RuE9 this netlabel is really hot and they always keep some deep-x tunes in their memory, or was it their stick?