1bit wonder has left the building ...

From the website of 1bit wonder: "_1bit #032 by Latex Distortion and Gary West will be our last release. Too many other projects have been consuming our time lately, so instead of doing things half-heartedly we decided to quit when it's best. Thanks for three wonderful years full of love and great music! Our site will remain active for a while and may still serve you as an archive."

Thank you 1bit wonder for the beautiful releases! Netwaves will cast an interview with the founders, probably in nws062.


CC logos

Creative Commons renewed its Press Kit webpage, where you can find the icons, logos and buttons for all kinds of CC-licenses in these formats: svg, eps and png. They're released under the BY license:


what is love?


Superelvis from Ankitoner Metamars croons: "What is love?".
This is absolute a brilliant 1 tile dancer, the perfect soundtrack for french kissing.


? a real copyleft tune ?

Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu

From his new remix album "Offline Remixed" [Sutemos021], comes this beautiful clip "Mano (Remake)". Released by the distinguished Lithuanian netlabel Sutemos.


Netwaves: new delikatessen

Netwaves episode 60 dives into the newest releases from the netlabel world. From Canadian electronics, via Russian piano's and guitars, to Portuguese dubstep. Cheers for your ears!


01. Adaptive - Veto
02. Anew - Alex Cortex
03. Gluckonauts of Planet K - Vadz
04. Che-ma'tic - Cyclotron
05. Coldlime - James McConaghew
06. Snow White Theme - Shaun Blezard
07. Moralny Hazard - Wadadda ft. FS Dan
08. Mobula - Takomo
09. Pressed Current - Dipswitch
10. Die Hard - Moya
11. Sin Titulo #2 - Lieberhonig
12. Out of Season - Wisp
13. Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein - Primix for Kids
14. Squishing Sniffy / Artists Busted - The Bran Flakes


nog een gepeperd Pasen!

Co-productie van Erno Mijland (Lyrics), Marco Raaphorst (Music + Vocals) en Huub Koch (Movie)


netwaves on electro!


Episode 2.22 offers an interview with Franck Raveau from Paris' finest electro: Valiza Tools.


01. Lovely Synthi - Francky Ride
02. Pipo Disco - Amplified People
03. Ma - Leanne
04. Premier Flocons - M3000
05. Space Cowboys Get The Blues - 03 - 07
06. Hippy Hope - 06 - 18
07. Bulöpatch - Clearcom
08. Montreuil - miNoise
09. Frame by Frame Sex (WomenAffair remix) - Dick Voodoo
10. Drôle de Dames - Laab
11. Minus - Francky Ride
12. 03 Ghosts I - Nine Inche Nails

listen & download page


Sabam-agentschap Leuven dicht

Via Sabam:
"In het kader van de reorganisatie (van start sinds januari 2005) van haar netwerk agentschappen, heeft de Directie van SABAM beslist om een einde te stellen aan de activiteiten van haar agentschap in Leuven. Deze beslissing - die in samenspraak met het plaatselijke agentschap genomen werd - laat SABAM toe om vanaf begin maart 2008 een gecentraliseerde inning vanuit Brussel uit te voeren.

De gebruikers en organisatoren van evenementen in de regio Leuven worden vanaf heden vriendelijk verzocht zich tot de hoofdzetel van SABAM te wenden, op volgend adres:

Aarlenstraat 75/77 BUS 2
B-1040 Brussel
Tel : 02/286.84.78 en 02/286.83.77
Fax : 02/742.24.60
E-mail : agent.hoofdzetel@sabam.be"


some netlabel stats

Simon C. published some stats on IA:

"Just thought it might be nice to mention this, because I've noticed the rate of netlabel adoption is quite rapidly increasing. Some brief stats:

- 850 netlabels, in total
- increasing by around 25 netlabels per month.

- 11,990 separate 'items', that is singles, EPs, or albums
- increasing by 5/10 items per day (!)

Not bad at all! Obviously, the upload system for the Archive is not the MOST userfriendly in the world, but the structure of netlabels (collections, items, download counts) works really well for microlabels. So kudos to everyone at the Archive for getting everything running smoothly."

View original post and reactions.


go with the Phlow!

Netwaves had an interview with the "hardest working person in the netlabel world", mo from Phlow and Phlow magazine.
Netwaves also presents the mp3lease " Netwaves: mixed emotions": this is a musical trip through the netlabel world, mixed with some found sounds of Louvain (Leuven), compiled by netwaves.org for OP3N Mixtape.


01. Feel No Other - Ixtlan
02. Swimming in dirty water - Audio Mjao
03. Algo Ci�n - Crisopa
04. Goodbye Snow (Hello Snow Version by DoF) - Bobby Baby
05. Even If - Apes on Tapes
06. Fashion arithmetics - Bluermutt
07. kodo - Le M�pris
08. Notte Di Luna - Mou
09. L'Ancho�ade - Volfoniq + Disrupt + Bo Marley
10. Energy is for Henrik - Bliss
11. keine Zeit - Flann
12. yota - Bruspi
13. In - Ambidextrous / Morkva



Audiotoolz - Breakin' Down Like This ([SJSLP-8101] Disk-O-Muzak)


mixed emotions

(photo embe - cc license by-nc-sa)

netwaves.org is very very proud to announce its next musical achievement. The mixtape netlabel OP3N sent netwaves.org an invitation to make a mixtape, and this resulted in "Netwaves: mixed emotions". This mix is not a showcase of DJ skills in the first place, but rather an anthology of musical pearls hidden in the vast amount of tunes on the internet. The songs are alternated by field recordings, taped in Louvain, a little university town in Belgium. Besides being the hometown of netwaves.org, it is also famous for its beer Stella Artois.

The mix was compiled by embe, with a little help from TransistorLab.
Also available at an archive in your neighbourhood.

We also want to thank the very busy bee Applezup for the great care and his patience and for this opportunity.

01. Station: Arrival Train - embe
02. Feel No Other - Ixtlan
03. Truth - Env
03. Busstation - embe
04. Durch Das Fenster In Die Nacht - Freiraum
05. The Flow - Be.One
06. Student restaurant Alma 2 - embe
07. Swimming in dirty water - Audio Mjao
08. Sleep - Tree Wave
09. Alma 2 Outside - embe
10. amor-tiguar - (svag) gra kran
11. analog - Zeichensprecher
12. Carillon from the University Library - embe
13. Inside The Field - Philipp Weigl
14. Maya - Monokle
15. On the street - embe
16. the shadow of John Maynard Keynes - Cellular
17. Noch (remix) - Unit 21 feat. Twin Solo
18. Pub - embe
19. Down - Elektrovog
20. Geosynchronous (i'll give you the moon) - 3x!13
21. Oude Markt - embe
22. Horse don't fly - M.A.Z.C.A.
23. Supersynth - Resynthesize
24. Radio Scorpio - embe
25. Deckchair Anthem - Hinterlandt
26. Fall - Xerxes
27. Station: Train Stops - embe

Petition: stop the extension of 50 year in copyright

Sound Copyright says: "Copyright in sound recordings currently lasts for 50 years. Yet the recording industry continues to demand that this term be extended. ... But term extension would be an injustice to European musicians and musical culture, and may harm our economy. ... Copyright is a bargain. In exchange for their investment in creating and distributing sound recordings to the public, copyright holders are granted a limited monopoly during which are allowed to control the use of those recordings. This includes the right to pursue anyone who uses their recordings without permission. But when this time is up, these works join Goethe, Hugo and Shakespeare in the proper place for all human culture � the public domain. ... Seminal soul, reggae, and rock and roll recordings will soon be freed from legal restrictions, allowing anyone (including the performers themselves and their heirs) to preserve, reissue, and remix them. ... Major record labels want to keep control of sound recordings well beyond the current 50 year term so that they can continue to make marginal profits from the few recordings that are still commercially viable half a century after they were laid down. ... If you agree that copyright term on sound recordings should not be extended past 50 years, please, sign this petition today. Together, we can defeat copyright term extension." Sound Copyright is an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Open Rights Group (ORG).


Philipp Weigl in Netwaves

Philipp talks about his music, netlabels, his favourite tunes ...

We also had a telephone conversation with Mr. Vervenne from the Belgian collecting society Sabam, about their new internet policy ...


01. Maya - Monokle
02. Radiance - K.D. Expression
03. The Grass is Greener (Gate Zero remix) - Weigl & Hoffmann
04. Everywhere is shut - Emil Klotzsch
05. Bookends - Monomatik
06. Jonathan falls into sleep - Cantaloup
07. Regardless (a_b remix) - Laplaceausoleil vs. Britta Keil
08. Pig Ben - miNoise
09. Rush - Killahertz


Best Of Netlabels

I must have missed this important one somehow: Phlow magazine has released a "Best of Netlabels" vol. 1 in january already, and now there's a vol. 2 peeping at their website.

The goal is to bring every month an anthology of the best tunes around the world. The title of the series is "Their Finest Hour". We are very happy with this initiative, because there's tons and tons of music on the internet and netlabels, and we welcome every effort to filter and organise this stuff. Thanks Phlow! The releases are made with much care, love and respect. There's streaming, download per tune, zip-file and a nice cover.



nieuwe NIN onder CC

CC nl. blogt: "Het nieuwe album van de Amerikaanse industrial rockband Nine inch Nails is sinds vandaag onder een Creative Commons licentie beschikbaar. Op de website van Nine inch Nails is het eerste gedeelte (de eerste 9 tracks) gratis te downloaden. De download van alle 4 delen kost $5 en voor de echte die-hard fans is er ook nog een �$300 ultra deluxe limited edition package�."

Lees meer ...