don't miss these!

A few albums struck netwaves' ears: don't miss them, and share them with your friends.

If you're into post-rock, dig this album by 'Korine Conception' - "Glow In Transparancy Aurora" (on BFW Recordings):

If you're an old-skool electro addict, dig this album by this young guy from St. Petersburg 'Neonicle' - "Synthetic Voodoo Night" (on Russian Techno)

If you want some adventurous Oriental influenced, hip-hopish, dubstepish dub, then you will definitely love the album by 'Metastaz' - "Orient Dub Express" (on Tazart Music Label)

Finally, share this album with the younger in your family: 'postom' - "teaching manual" (on Bump Foot)