2 essentials

Last month 2 albums have caught my attention, because of their search for the borders of minimal drones, resulting in intriguing slow trance with layers of ambient and soft techno beats. Supreme dubtech in sloooowmotion.

mon0 - Monoplex: Fusion

Hoax - The Insomnia: Crash

This reminds me of the legendary 'metal box' (1979) from P.I.L., where one announced the end of punk and the start of post-punk new-wave, by dissecting the remains of 70's rock and disco beats, and resorting these elements into a whole new genre.

Hoax and Mono are also dissecting techno-beats and ambient noises to create a new experience, a kind of relaxing slow trance. There are no references at all to the overproduced, overcompressed mainstream 'alternative' rock that comes out of the commercialised, overmarketed radiostations. On the contrary this is the opposite of the allday radio-noise, and for me this is the perfect reaction against the over-commercialised mainstream alternative rock and its guitar cliches. I call it post-punk 2.0, whereby the DIY philosophy of punk is reactivated, this time with simple, quiet drones in 'monoplex' structures.

These are not masterpieces, but these are very strong, important signals from something that's happening. This is possible thanks to all the netlabels and artists and their engagement in music rather than business.