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[nws233] netwaves 6.41: e-delikatessen

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws233

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws233/nws233_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws233/nws233.mp3

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500th release for netlabel Sirona

for its 500th release the Russian netlabel Sirona-Records published a release with 7h30 of videoclips; netwaves will publish a selection of the most netwaves-like clips on our blog here; this week a sf.-space tune by Altered-Carbon with Retina (Dissolved Burning Sensation Remix)


due to holidays, this one had a delay, now it's here for listen and download

[nws232] netwaves 6.40: elettrissimo

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws232

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws232/nws232_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws232/nws232.mp3

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free beer!

"Free! Music! Sampler - Freedom & Free Beer": under this slogan the German Musikpiraten organisation offers a free compilation with free music under CC license. Cheers!

click on image for more info


nighttrain to Italy

the nighttrain to a faraway place in Italy leaves, full of dubby and easy beats

[nws231] netwaves 6.39: easy beats

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws231

download compilatie: https://www.archive.org/download/nws231/nws231_vbr_mp3.zip

podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws231/nws231.mp3

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Kreislauf turns 15

Mannheim based netlabel Kreislauf (Recycle) celebrates its 15th birthday, making it one of the oldest netlabels around. They've made a compilation for this occasion. It is the 125th release, full of Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo, Deep House, Drum�n'Bass, Dubstep, Electronica, Elektro, Experimental, Freestyle, Glitch, Hip-Hop, House, IDM, Industrial, Instrumental, Jazz, Lo-Fi, Minimal, Noise, Punk, Rave, Tech-House, Techno, Trip Hop.


eclectronic summer

after a summer full of eclectic weather, netwaves ends the restart of season 6 (season 7 starts on 1 oct.) with an eclectic mix of fresh netlabel tunes

[nws230] netwaves 6.38: eclectronic summer

info & playlist: https://www.archive.org/details/nws230
download compilation: https://www.archive.org/download/nws230/nws230_vbr_mp3.zip
podcast (dutch): https://www.archive.org/download/nws230/nws230.mp3

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