ASCAP declares war on free culture

Monopolising culture? Read about the newest rattle of an outdated industry that wants to claim the role of victim instead of admitting that it is colonizing its resources, ie. artists:

Zeropaid.com: "The free culture movement is abuzz today over news that ASCAP has requested their members to fight organizations like Creative Commons, Public Knowledge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation over what it claims as an effort to undermine copyright."

Quote from the letter (1 & 2 from ASCAP: "�At this moment, we are facing our biggest challenge ever. Many forces including Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and technology companies with deep pockets are mobilizing to promote �Copyleft� in order to undermine our �Copyright.� They say they are advocates of consumer rights, but the truth in these groups simply do not want to pay for the use of our music. Their mission is to spread the word that our music should be free.�

Anyway, this bomb is looking like being good promotion for Creative Commons, EFF, ea.

More info at Zeropaid.com: scroll down to the "Who's talking about it?" section.

Via our Dutch friend Marco Raaphorst.


netwaves: 150th episode!

Number 150 is the last episode before the summer pause. Our host Radio Scorpio does not broadcast live programs during summer holidays. Hear us back in september. This episode is full of our Russian friends and their interpretation of triphop.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast.

Listen to [nws150] netwaves 4.36:

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1 Snow Birds - Der Nerv
2 Far From Ok - Kubrick's Cube
3 Bublegum - Little Nastya
4 Voluntary Improvement Of Self-Flagellation - 813
5 Blue Eyed - Karolis Bur�inskas
6 impasse - ma?ka
7 Planet of Winds - Phoboz
8 dubbishi - Dubbemo
9 Clish - Zeno
10 Remake Arrogalla - tdBt and the Garys remix Arrogalla
11 Dark Minimal - Omara
12 Five After Midnight - Phoboz


Cologne Commons 2: some interviews

Last weekend Cologne Commons took place: on friday evening netwaves went, heard and had some interviews. Listen to Zoe.LeelA, Mika, Fiat600 and Lars from Mars. See them on the pictures on netwaves.org. The interviews with Mika and Fiat600 are translated from Spanish to English by Lars, so you hear 3 times Lars, except in the "netaudio is punk" fragment.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast.

Listen to [nws149] netwaves 4.35:

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1 Doorstep - Fiat600
2 Gold - Zoe.LeelA
3 Procesion - Mika Martini
4 Seba - Lars from Mars
5 Huaino (gillette mix) (Whyno Sokio Remix) - Mika Martini
6 Abyss - Fiat600
7 New World Order - Fiat600
8 Phone Home - Lars from Mars
9 Anyway - Lars from Mars
10 In A Future April - Lars from Mars
11 Rip Curl - Adduce


you sexy thing!

If you surf the web with Google's Chrome browser, you definitely have to try out this extension: "ExtensionFM". It discovers automatically mp3-links while you're surfing on musicsites, you can play them in the background, and - this is the spectacular part - the extension stores these links in a library in "the cloud", with the looks of a stripped down iTunes. Cool! It resembles an ultra-light Songbird.

This tool is perfect to listen to our whole library of netwaves: after installing ExtensionFM, open every episode in a new tab, then return to the https://www.extension.fm website, click on the library link, et voil�, our whole collection, for free, with only 167 clicks, about 1500 songs and 15 mixes (not really true, i still have to upload the songs for episodes 44-99, planned for next month).

I think this must be a nightmare for the music industry: music in the air/cloud! But it's great for the open music community, also a nicer way to browse the Internet Archive.


Cologne Commons 2: a little review

click on the image for more impressions
embe cc:by-nc-sa

Last friday 12 july, netwaves went to Cologne for the second edition of Cologne Commons. We had some interviews with some artists, and had a nice evening/night, though there was not too much people and the timing was way too slow and long. When we left at 4:00 in the morning, the last set was still playing (for only 15 people): next time better, and with more German 'punktlichkeit', please.

For starters DJ 5ml played some nice minimal pop, while he had a chat with us, which led to funny mixes sometimes. The first live band was mr&mrsBrian. The band played some krautrock-electrorock, which had its nice moments, but nothing more than that. With the Dutch band The Black Atlantic we had a moment of post-rockish, minimal pop. All that netwaves can say is that it was a technically good concert, but not directly our cup of tea, you better ask the connoisseurs. In the meantime we took some beers and made the first interviews.
With already a delay of 1 hour, we took position for a charming lady, Zoe.LeelA, but after 20 minutes we felt that she had too few material to bring a strong set. Maybe it was the monotonous triphop, maybe there was too few people, but she couldn't convince us.

The waiting was now for what became the big surprise of the evening on electronic music level: the people from the Chilean netlabel Pueblo Nuevo, with Mika Martini, Fiat600, Lars from Mars and Equipo. It was one continious set starting with Mika's solid, spastic, electronic beats, continued by uptempo electronics from Fiat600, and finished by the old-school electro-beats with idem-dito visuals from Lars en Equipo, together under the name of 'Add'.

As already said, we had to leave because we had a trip of 180 km. to go, so it was a pity for us to leave, and also for the artists who were playing for only 15 people. Next time we want a more strict scheme, which is nicer for the artists and the audience.

Enjoy the photostream.

party time

gratis feest!

dj Indip
klinkt als: electro, EBM, no-wave

kangman en c�
klinkt als: Kangman en dochters, Eddy Wally, Calvaire, Mona, Jotie 't
Hooft, Jan Becaus, Rin Tin Tin, Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke, Mauro
Pawlowski, Panique au Village, de maagd Maria, Nadine De Sloovere,
Eekhoorntje Kraakje

Andreia Dacal
Download album:

klinkt als: Reggae Dub / World Music / Hip-hop

Download album:

klinkt als: Electro-Dub-Hop w/ Latin & Oriental Flavour

klinkt als: Electronica / Minimal Music / Progessive ---> RuE9 krijgt
de onmogelijke taak om electronica te mixen met Frans chanson, Duitse
schlager en Vlaamse heimat, met een dikke saus 80's muziek: er zijn er
al voor minder kaal geworden!

- gratis inkom
- optredens beginnen rond 22:00: be on time!
- voor de Werchter-verslaafden: er is zeker nog feestgedruis tot 05:00
- zaaltje De Blauwe Kater ligt hier:



2 for the price of one

Due to technical problems there is no podcast for episode 147. Shit can happen! Fortunately you can download the compilation from the tunes played in this episode.

Downloadpage of the compilation.


1 Instantanea 2010 - Plan Quinquenal
2 Alcool French Edit - Aniaetleprogrammeur
3 Orwell Era - Ni�a Terrorista + STH
4 Odyssey - Prototype
5 Aurora - Pirata
6 counting control - sixx
7 Do not disturb - Dikital
8 Naranja (That Nostalgic Feeling) - Meiker
9 Honk Honk - Tartare1
10 In a White Room - No more
11 Pop - Pisu
12 Chau - Sonoradio
13 No en som dues (Pisu cover) - Madame
14 habitat - Roberto Massoni

This week Cologne Commons takes place again, now for the second time. Apart from debates and panel discussions, there will also be a 'musical' part: netwaves will preview them in this episode, and hopes to interview some of the artists next friday, so we can cast these next week.
We hope to 'meet and greet' you there!

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast.

Listen to [nws148] netwaves 4.34:


1 11 24 - Gerdes
2 fun-k - werner niedermeier & gumbo jones
3 Horovod - Songraphie
4 Naramiddu poita (feat. Quilo) - Arrogalla remixes Dadub
5 Nothing Is Really Useless - Lars from Mars
6 U.G.L.Y. - Zoe.LeelA
7 Heirloom - The Black Atlantic
8 humiliating the distorted - mr&mrsBrian
9 The lack of anything good - Bitbasic
10 isien - Afion
11 al ritmo del espejismo - Equipo
12 Toc_11 (Toconce) - Mika Martini
13 F13 - herm�tico
14 Ion Funnel - Sudio

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