oldest known recordings of computer generated music

Check this article (click on the image) about the oldest record of computer music with "A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood."

create an open source restaurant

nieuwe tarieven op usb-sticks, blanco DVD's, harde schijven

Auvibel, de collectieve beheersvennootschap voor het kopi�ren voor eigen gebruik van geluidswerken en audiovisuele werken - lees: de vergoeding op de thuiskopie - , heeft nieuwe tarieven bekomen, die van toepassing gaan op 1 februai 2010. U betaalt vanaf dan bvb. 0,50 euro op een memorystick van 2Gb tot 16Gb of 9,00 euro op een schijf van > 1 Terabyte. Allez, Clouseau gaat weer blij zijn.
Hier vind je de volledige lijst van nieuwe tarieven.

the pope: all rights reserved!

From the Catholic News Agency: "The Vatican made a declaration on the protection of the figure of the Pope on Saturday morning. The statement seeks to establish and safeguard the name, image and any symbols of the Pope as being expressly for official use of the Holy See unless otherwise authorized."
Read more and read also what The Pravda has to tell about it.

put an mp3 under the Xmas tree

You can download now the complete catalogue of Phlow magazine's initiative "Phlow Music Advent Calendar" that resulted in the compilation of The best Creative Commons music moments in 2009, gathered from netlabel specialists and enthusiasts from all over the world. Netwaves was also invited, so you will also find our contribution on the compilation.
The release consists of 9 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds of free creative commons music, and is compressed in a 1,3 Gbyte file.
You can download the zip-file or individual mp3's at the mothership, IA here: https://www.archive.org/details/The_Best_Creative_Commons_Music_Moments_in_2009

the musical trends that ruled last decade

Enjoy this sarcastic article about music industry's fostered hypes in "The Decade in Music Genre Hype: A solemn tribute to once-hot-shit trends that (mostly) won't be joining us in the '10s", by Christopher R. Weingarten, published in Village Voice.

"... Faster than you can tweet "Serena Maneesh," entire genres of music are "discovered" by attention-starved writers; bloggers engage in hilarious slap-fights about who was there first; magazines feel pressured into writing clueless, hackazoid, late-pass trend pieces; bands get elevated to a critical mass of attention they can't possibly handle; and the phenomenon is promptly abandoned once we find a newer, shinier toy to play with. ..."


how to start a netlabel

Here it is: the central place where to find the manual for starting a netlabel: contribute your admissions, corrections, enrichments, discussions, opinions, thoughts, writings, ... to the entry at wikiHow.

how to start a netlabel

Here it is: the central place where to find the manual for starting a netlabel: contribute your admissions, corrections, enrichments, discussions, opinions, thoughts, writings, ... to the entry at wikiHow. You can also post the article at your blog with copy/paste html-code. Nice!

attack in Leipzig with the Bo Mobil

From the famous reggae netlabel Jahtari: "Legendary Bo Marley gig in front of the supermarket at the Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig, the Jahtari homebase, jul 2008. Including the new tunes "Rollen Vorbai" and "Robotcar" plus their undying classic "Fleisch"."


no netwaves during winter holidays

Due to technical reasons with the hosting radio station Radio Scorpio, netwaves will not broadcast the 23 and 30 dec.. You can allthough listen to netwaves.bpm on 30 dec. from 23:00 till 01:00 via our stream. Our guest dj's are Lohn & Brot. With their 17 years, they are the youngest members in our crew. Watch it!



This year not a white Xmas, but instead a chilly Whiteball, brought to you by Richard Savani from his Pool Club release.


free shipping!

Valiza Tools at it's best: as always rather artistic provocating with a cool electro twist.
"Tir� du prochain maxi de Francky Ride, r�alis� par Laa3"


netscapes in images

For those that couldn't make it last week on the scapes evening @ Stuk:


3VOOR12 interview over Creative Commons

Het favoriete muziekplatform 3VOOR12 van de Nederlandse VPRO heeft de microfoon onder de neus van Paul Keller (voorzitter CC Nl.), gehouden voor een kort interview, waarvan je de neerslag hier kan lezen.

Eredoctoraat in Amsterdam voor Lawrence Lessig

image by creativecommoners - CC BY 2.0

Het eredoctoraat wordt uitgereikt door de UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam) tijdens een viering op vrijdag 8 januari 2010.
Lessig is rechtsgeleerde aan de Harvard Law School en expert in informatierecht, voorvechter van vrijheid van cultuur en informatie op het internet.
Lessig is vooral bekend geworden als de initiator van het Creative Commons-stelsel dat
een wereldwijde standaard heeft opgeleverd voor gebruikslicenties op open content.

Het hele bericht kan je bij de UvA nalezen.

fresh electronic stuff

This must be netwaves? Yes, for the 125th time we serve netlabels' finest tunes: stirred, not shaken! Download or listen to [nws125] netwaves 4.11. Subscribe in iTunes Playlist: 1 The absorber (Mach MiX) - Mach FoX & Baxandall IP 2 The Man Fi Cool - Laurent Atmos 3 Space Pirates - FeldFunker 4 Moving centre - March Rosetta 5 July - Lazzich 6 Ahi viene el del traje - Hernan Bass 7 Traffic - Den Pleasure 8 kunstlicht (coproduced by @e) - granlab 9 Cutoff - Doyeq 10 and all thats left is wrong - Sobria Ebrietas

the fun of copying

Nina Paley: cc:by-sa


your new netwaves is here

Your RWA (Recommended Weekly Amount), served with a zeste of bpm.

Download or listen to [nws124] netwaves 4.10.

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1 The Dream (Ecstasy) - BlackPanther
2 He decidido ser feliz (feat. La Monine) - Dr.800XL
3 No More Oxygen - Out_R
4 Silence (Solace) - Absorption
5 Heavens Cry - Argonika
6 Stonethrower - Bobby Wotnot feat. Lee Vernon & Pete Edwards
7 Everything's changing - Stereocolors
8 Say yes - Amp.Vitamin
9 Missing Time - Daegon
10 Windmill - FeldFunker


10 frustrations

With the tag "A very pissed off Zargon" the latter has blogged his frustrations in 10 rules in "An open letter to netlabels".

Image Credits: Bill Campbell via Flickr: cc:by-nc

UFO Hope

One of the better videoos in 2009 (of the 5 videoos i've seen):
Muha with UFO Hope (on Jamendo).

cc: by-nc-sa


Chet Baker sues record industry

... or at least his estate, which is part of a massive class-action lawsuit against the 'gang of four' of the Canadian Recording Industry Association: Warner Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, EMI Music Canada, and Universal Music Canada.
Read the article by Michael Geist.

Monotonik on (permanent?) hiatus

Monotonik, one of the icons of netlabelism, quits the scene, maybe permanently. After 219 releases Simon decided to put Monotonik and its sister label Mono211 in the fridge: "The landscape has completely shifted. The concept of a virtual label still has some value, and if I had more time, I�d like to explore that further. But there�s too much noise and not enough signal, and this seems like a great time to acknowledge that and step back."
You can listen again to netwaves' first episode (nws001): our start was intended as a symbolic honour to one of the oldest netlabels, Monotonik.

The whole goodbye / farewell by Simon.


first rap ever? from 1936:

excerpt from the documentary "Night Mail", poem by W. H. Auden, music Benjamin Britten. Copyright issues unknown: anyone there?


a dreamy trip with Soutien Gorge

'Fogkr�mes' - Video by Elt�vedt F�nycs�v�k. Release on Hungarian netlabel Complementary distribution.


your RWA (Recommended Weekly Amount)

Netwaves explores new releases.
Download or listen to [nws123] netwaves 4.09.

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1 Raw - Siberian railway
2 Egyptian Dub - Culprate
3 Love not monnaie - Volfoniq feat. Tribuman
4 Vibra - D:redmoon
5 Lifetimes - Datatraxx
6 Memories - Datatraxx
7 Prokulin ft. Inkognito RMX - AC3PO
8 I Guess - Blaque Unit
9 Black creature (remix) - Masha Era
10 Sunrise - Okcug

Phlow's xmas tree

Phlow has created an Advent Calendar, that's something like waiting for Xmas during the last 24 days before Xmas, and where you put every day a piece of a general thing, eg. an image on a calendar. On his calendar, Phlow puts each day a new mixtape.
Let him explain it himself: "Each day you get a small mix tape with free music to download. The music was carefully selected by the worlds most active creative commons music freaks. They checked their hard drives for us and showcase their favorites. Open each day a door with the best creative commons music, the best netlabels and the best albums of 2009!"
Yesterday netwaves had the honour to provide the mixtape. Click, enjoy, and write some comments. We have to admit this concept is well done and the mixtape itself is clean and cool stuff.

bit by bit

Comfort Fit � Bit by Bit from their forthcoming release Polyshufflez on Tokyo Dawn Records.

Concept, hardcore stop-motion photography and post-production by Felix H�ffelmann and Phillip Frowein. Additional sound design by Comfort Fit.