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Netwaves plays what your toaster likes: crispy electronics with a zest of hip-hop.

Again, we offer this episode not only as a podcast, but we upload also the seperate tunes: this way you have a weekly netlabel compilation.

Download them seperately at the netwaves episode page, or download podcast and tunes in 1 zip file.

You like it or not? well, let me know:
e m a i l: input @ netwaves.org .

Download or listen to [nws136] netwaves 4.22:


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1 She's sleeping - Ocoeur
2 black and white negatives - KaostapesKain
3 Key to pleasure - F.AN
4 tHe uNdErToW - Awaycaboose
5 Laxative - Chud
6 Breakfast with Jesus - Digi G'Alessio
7 No Rap, No Reggae - Padawin
8 Sale - Da Krew
9 Colapso - Andreia Dacal
10 crystallinity dub - dj def
11 Dementia - Niedermeier & Whitehead
12 dirty sheets - walker barnard