proof of commercial CC

A great breakthrough in the music business model: music band "Tone" under contract with the Danish collecting society "KODA" releases an album with a CC license.
CC blogs: "Today marks the release of "Small Arm of Sea", the debut album by female indietronica singer, songwriter and producer Tone (Sofie Nielsen). While the album itself is unique in its style and substance, seamlessly combining abstract electronic composition techniques with a clear pop sensibility, it is equally as intriguing in terms of distribution.
Small Arm of Sea is available both in stores (on both combined CD/DVD w/ visuals or vinyl) and online (for free, non-DRM download), with physical copies containing the text �Copy this album for your friends, please!�."
"If people enjoy what I do, they can support me by buying the record in the stores. This will give them the video part as well. But otherwise I hope they will download the music for free just to check out what I do," Sofie Nielsen smiles.

Tone with "Work it"