spread this mix on your bread

Netwaves is proud to host a mix of Tend, who is running the netlabel Broque together with his partner Granlab. With their consistent watching over quality, rather than quantity, they prove netlabelism is to be taken serious. They form the sound department from their "Oder auf Brot" concept, and for our English-only speaking two-footers: that's where the bread spread in our terrible title refers to.
Broque was voted in the German De:Bug magazine reader�s poll 2009 at nr. 2 (i don't know in which category, but i suppose something with music?)

The mix consists of Broque-only material.

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1 Ich schwebe - Volker Selzner
2 Mono bot - Max Cavalerra
3 i wish (Stefan Tretau Remix) - tim susa
4 Uretic Urgent - Juno6
5 - preview from an upcoming release - She is - Niedermeier & Whitehead
6 mike bob remix (do not spread) - Cie
7 fotsvamp - hakan lidbo
8 Function - Max Cavalerra
9 i wish - tim susa
10 You are (Alessandro Crimi Remix) - Christian Quast
11 Sushi - Rony & Suzy