music for a subversive dinner

This Subversive dinner will undermine every mood to lay your body down on a lazy couch. RuE9 presents Subversive Media, a project headed and proudly represented by Roger Mercader and Nikto, two Barcelona-based artists, working together since 2000 in different formations, projects and collectives and releasing mostly EDM, meaning Electronic dance music, a broad set of percussive music genres on wich you can MOVE YOUR ASSES! Enjoy!!!

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foto 'Custard Pudding Tits' by pupil of ganesha cc:by-nc-sa

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1 Rumania - Fernando Lopez
2 Kreuzberg Lights - Onka Onichi
3 Eldorado - Iana Himnia
4 On & Off - The Ego
5 Rosebud - Nikto
6 Mazoneria - Ordep Zerep
7 Aquamagnetism - Sr.Click
8 Movida en el Pat�n - Alberto Pascual
9 Wet - Rubeck
10 Roasted Black - M�nico
11 Epidermis - Pep Gaya
12 Surreal - Banding!
13 Interrrupt Puzzle - Kleinlaut
14 Into the no parameter side - Tacito
15 Expiacion - Drugstore