news from the Ogg front

Just received this message from the Ogg-format promotion team: "FSF volunteer and GNU Generation member Osama Khalid just launched a great tool: TinyOgg. TinyOgg takes in a link to a Flash video (boo!) and spits
out a link to an Ogg video (hooray!).
It only works with videos you have posted to YouTube for now, but his
intention is to support a long list of sites.

Please help us spread the word by sharing via your favorite site!
We recommend these services, because they follow ethical guidelines and
respect their users:
Other sites are set up to lock users to their services and deny them basic
privacy and autonomy. While it's important that we communicate with
computer users everywhere, even on services we don't agree with, please
don't let sharing important news about Ogg lead to further use: