Welcome: a short guide to netlabelism.net

Yes, we're being blogged in one of the most popular computer netzines, Zdnet.be and Zdnet.nl. For those readers, i will give some tips to where to start netlabelism.
++ If you're a music fan, you can start to download music by the style of music you like. Warning: out of respect for the artist, i have no direct links to the files, rather a link to the release page, so you also have info about the artist, and you can download the cover as well.
++ If you want to browse by yourselve through the wonderful world of netlabels, there is a short subjective list of the most important netlabels to start.
++ If you want to read about netlabels because you're a student, journalist, researcher, i've compiled a bibliograpy. Because most of the netlabels work with a Creative Commons license, so they can distribute music without lawyers, i've also collected information about this license in the same link.
++ If you have no time, but want to have a quick overview of netlabels, you can download very good compilations from phlow magazine and Blocsonic. In the future netwaves.org is going to review some classic netlabel compilations, and we are also going to set up our own line of compilations by style. You may expect the first release in october, a compilation of the best of electro in the netlabel scene.
++ If you have lots of time, you can navigate in netlabel world with all the links in the navigation section at the left.
++ For the rest, you can do a search on this blog via the search box at the top right.

Have a nice sonic trip around the wonderful world of netlabels!