musical rice

If you happen to be in, or go to Berlin, be sure to walk into "das Breipott" and order some of the delicious rice snacks, download some netlabel stuff, and have a good time. This fresh, colourful bar, snackhouse started 14th of june this year, and offers on one hand a comprehensive menu of snacks based on cooked rice, and on the other hand, one can download "Gema"-free music (Gema is the German collecting society) on terminals, specifically configured for the purpose of downloading. Although the music is published under a Creative Commons license, the Breipott team will doublecheck the artists and tunes on their Gema status before they put them on their public computers.
You can find "Breipott" and its enthusiastic team in Skalitzer Stra�e 81, and that is the Kreuzberg 36 department of Berlin.

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