Phonocake 50th release on a ... cassette!

Phonocake releases 50th sonic cake "Jugends�nden / Follies of youth", a compilation, on a cassette tape: "Matching the old school spirit that comes with the 10-years-review we decided to present this release only on cassette. It's not the best way in distribution, especially when being a netlabel, but we also want to show the disadvantages of limited media."

Cake bakers are: Madstyle, Bad Comfort, Al Magnifico, Trans Alp, S�ren Matschiste, parmon, Peter Venus, AAA, Deftype, Alec Troniq, Noise-Beyond-Silence and Granufunk.
More piece of a cake here.

From an older release:Trans Alp - Lied der Bergarbeiter Strom [phoke32]