the best of Chenard Walcker

BlocSonic has done an incredible job by compiling one of the most remarkable netlabel artists, Chenard Walcker. Chenard is the Frank Zappa of netlabels because of his very personal, psychedelic view on musical creativity. He uses the vinyl collection of his parents to plunder unknown, hidden tracks of the past to mash it up, mix it down and create something irresistable new. This is nothing more than what's art doing for ages. By doing so he makes the listener his witness in a conspiracy to the old world of music business, who rather likes to call his music illegal. But everybody who loves music knows better ... Thanks Chenard, and blocSonic for "Chenard's Massive Menagerie of Earth's Grandest Marvels!". You can also download the complete works, visit the man's website, or his netlabel.

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