do you need me?

This weekend this song was hanging in my head, i don't know why, or where it came from. It just sometimes happens, and this time it was, fortunately, a nice, kitschy, 'gay', tune. Thanks to the open - what some call the illegal - aspect of the internet, i'm a happy guy to rediscover this tune, and what's more, to find out the existence of a bizar videoclip i wasn't aware of. With Portuguese subtitles 8-S
This is not only the strength of the internet, but also the strength of search engines (in this case Google, you should try this once, haha!), where i found the result in just 3 steps with the only data i knew: "do you need me?" and "70's". Thank you, internet!
Sorry for the people who don't like 70's kitsch.

Sharif Dean - Do you love me?

More info about Sharif Dean, who appears to be a Moroccan-French-Belgian philosopher: weird x 3!