Zimmer closes door

Psychoded, the man behind netlabels Zimmer records (techno, house), Akashic records (electronic, ambient) and Haushaltsware (deep house, idm, techdub) sent a message that he stops with Zimmer and Akashic. We don't know anything about netlabel Haushaltsware yet. Sad news indeed.

We found this info on his press page @ facebook:

-'man soll gehen wenn es am sch�nsten ist .. ^^'
-'there will be some releases to be released the next weeks, but no new stuff ... after "hermetic principles 7" the whole story will be told...'
-'lack of support' (reply: 'can't understand... all netlabels has lack of support, and this is not new...')
-'guess i will have to rethink some issues - and then move to africa. fed up with all here...'
-'akashic-records will also be down after number 12. so still 8 releases to come there. hold tight :)'

Not only was Zimmer very known for its broad gamma of techno, house, techhouse and chill, but also for its coverart, which was always made of blue or black ball pen drawings.

Listen to psyCodEd with 'Chemtrails':

Link: https://www.archive.org/details/ZIMMER012a