netaudio Berlin publication

News from the Berlin netaudio festival front:
"We would like to inform you about a new publication on the website of Netaudio Berlin which is finally ready.

This publication has developed from the idea to keep hold of some personal perspectives, interesting anecdotes and developed ideas � alongside with some theoretical thoughts � as an outcome of the festival. And analogue to the colorful mixture of participants in the festival, we were able to tie a turbulent bundle of texts in style, types and perspectives. Most of them are very friendly and full of (personal) enthusiasm, others are meant to increase and develop the content, framework and general setup of the festival.

You might leave comments on the texts if you like - and we would really love to read your remarks, footnotes and opinions. We are curious about any of your comments."

Netwaves also wants to mention that a part from this publication exists in netwaves' podcast contributions to the netaudio festival and the netlabel world.

Find the papers and table of contents here:
Contribution of netwaves:

foto by David Domingo cc:by-nc-sa