new netlabel newsgroup

Last week a new netlabel newsgroup launched under curatorship of Mystified.

Read the about:

"'netlabelposts' is a free list for posting about music released on netlabels. The focus is on free and cc-licensed music. Promotional posts are permitted, as well as reviews, project invitations, radio playlists and similar posts. Any rudeness/threats will not be tolerated and will result in immediate banning. In general, feel free to use this list to build a communication network for the netlabel community, informing one another about topics relevant to netlabels."

netwaves had already collected these newsgroups about netlabels and netaudio on its 'basics' page:

mailing lists:

netwaves will give 'netlabelposts' a try because:
- it's owned by netlabel scientist Mystified
- it will be moderated

give it a try with this button:

Click to join netlabelposts

Click to join netlabelposts

link to Mystified: https://www.mystifiedmusic.com/
reason why: https://www.vuzhmusic.com/blog/2010/11/03/response-to-silent-world-of-netlabels/