you sexy thing!

If you surf the web with Google's Chrome browser, you definitely have to try out this extension: "ExtensionFM". It discovers automatically mp3-links while you're surfing on musicsites, you can play them in the background, and - this is the spectacular part - the extension stores these links in a library in "the cloud", with the looks of a stripped down iTunes. Cool! It resembles an ultra-light Songbird.

This tool is perfect to listen to our whole library of netwaves: after installing ExtensionFM, open every episode in a new tab, then return to the https://www.extension.fm website, click on the library link, et voil�, our whole collection, for free, with only 167 clicks, about 1500 songs and 15 mixes (not really true, i still have to upload the songs for episodes 44-99, planned for next month).

I think this must be a nightmare for the music industry: music in the air/cloud! But it's great for the open music community, also a nicer way to browse the Internet Archive.