Cologne Commons 2: a little review

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Last friday 12 july, netwaves went to Cologne for the second edition of Cologne Commons. We had some interviews with some artists, and had a nice evening/night, though there was not too much people and the timing was way too slow and long. When we left at 4:00 in the morning, the last set was still playing (for only 15 people): next time better, and with more German 'punktlichkeit', please.

For starters DJ 5ml played some nice minimal pop, while he had a chat with us, which led to funny mixes sometimes. The first live band was mr&mrsBrian. The band played some krautrock-electrorock, which had its nice moments, but nothing more than that. With the Dutch band The Black Atlantic we had a moment of post-rockish, minimal pop. All that netwaves can say is that it was a technically good concert, but not directly our cup of tea, you better ask the connoisseurs. In the meantime we took some beers and made the first interviews.
With already a delay of 1 hour, we took position for a charming lady, Zoe.LeelA, but after 20 minutes we felt that she had too few material to bring a strong set. Maybe it was the monotonous triphop, maybe there was too few people, but she couldn't convince us.

The waiting was now for what became the big surprise of the evening on electronic music level: the people from the Chilean netlabel Pueblo Nuevo, with Mika Martini, Fiat600, Lars from Mars and Equipo. It was one continious set starting with Mika's solid, spastic, electronic beats, continued by uptempo electronics from Fiat600, and finished by the old-school electro-beats with idem-dito visuals from Lars en Equipo, together under the name of 'Add'.

As already said, we had to leave because we had a trip of 180 km. to go, so it was a pity for us to leave, and also for the artists who were playing for only 15 people. Next time we want a more strict scheme, which is nicer for the artists and the audience.

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