Cologne Commons 2: some interviews

Last weekend Cologne Commons took place: on friday evening netwaves went, heard and had some interviews. Listen to Zoe.LeelA, Mika, Fiat600 and Lars from Mars. See them on the pictures on netwaves.org. The interviews with Mika and Fiat600 are translated from Spanish to English by Lars, so you hear 3 times Lars, except in the "netaudio is punk" fragment.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast.

Listen to [nws149] netwaves 4.35:

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1 Doorstep - Fiat600
2 Gold - Zoe.LeelA
3 Procesion - Mika Martini
4 Seba - Lars from Mars
5 Huaino (gillette mix) (Whyno Sokio Remix) - Mika Martini
6 Abyss - Fiat600
7 New World Order - Fiat600
8 Phone Home - Lars from Mars
9 Anyway - Lars from Mars
10 In A Future April - Lars from Mars
11 Rip Curl - Adduce