short newsies

CASH Music, the CC license using music label/creative community CC has discussed numerous times before, just launched a wonderful new Creative Commons Portal for understanding how CC licenses can be utilized by record labels and artists.
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Bandcamp, a feature-heavy music site that focuses on providing musicians with robust, easy-to-use, and visually pleasing artist pages, just integrated CC licensing options in to their UI.
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Foodista is a new online destination for those interested in all things culinary-related. The site is divided into four sections - recipes, foods, tools and techniques - and is based around the idea that community knowledge and sharing can result in a better resource than one built by a restricted and closed group. As such, the folks behind Foodista have “developed a system to let everyone edit content to make it better rather than have multiple versions of the same recipe.” At its core, this system is based around a site-wide CC BY license.
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Applejux from netaudio.es has put some Spanish netlabels on Google maps: if you have a netlabel, you can always contribute, and put yourself on the map.

The people from archive.org have made a compilation of "How to ..." movies. "How to Make a Political T-Shirt" and "How to Brew Beer" are my favorites.