Music for hot soup and crusty bread

RuE9 takes you further on a tastfull tour among delicious recipes. As we use only the finest ingredients, gathered from the finest places, we keep trying to serve you fingerlicking food for your ears. Hoping that this musical voyage takes you to the same places where we were when making this mix.
Ingredients were all found at netlabel Mmmph.

Download or listen to [nws.bpm004]

Photo by jonesor cc:by-nc-sa.


01. Black roses - Limbo
02. Tivoli Aph - Casen
03. Poi - Tundra
04. Tell me - Plush & Jeremy Doty
05. Man without a Hannover - Russian Linesman
06. Wishbone - Charles Jordan
07. Dreaming - Velocirapture
08. The illusive big flower and grass - The Sky Patrol
09. Lunken - Strumplasten
10. Alchemy with you in mind - Fractal
11. It�s not 1967 *packman Jekyll vs. Hyde remix* - Russian Linesman
12. Ein ruhiger Platz - Limbo