music for walking dinners

Netwaves.bpm's RuE9 presents Alt-recordings as an accompagnying dish for new year's
walking dinner. A minimal starter wil tease your appetite for a funky walk
through a headblasing/hipbreaking platedancing evening. A sweet dessert of soft baking beats are ending the connection between braincels and floor.
Bon appetit!

foto made in Tuscania by embe :: cc :: by-nc-sa

Download or listen to [nws.bpm003] Music for walking dinners.


01. Oenologia - Storlon
02. Leanne - Tone Def
03. Kinky Knows Kinky - Tom Ellis
04. Shiftless Shuffle - Storlon
05. Miesekatze - Daniel Schneider
06. Remember - Tone Def
07. The Deep End - Audio Dependent
08. I Dunno - Tone Def
09. YES SEY - Audio Dependent
10. Guilty Before Shot - Daniel Schneider
11. Shiftless Shuffle - Storlon
12. Done In - Tom Ellis