trip to the balls of Brussels

Last monday, my office offered me and my colleagues a trip to the Atomium in Brussels. It was a nice trip: this building has an eternal coolness, while it's wrapped in fifties nostalgia. All by all: you should see this piece of art.
But that's where it gets interesting for us: this building has a copyright, ie. when i publish a picture of this copy of an Iron crystal on my website i should pay the Belgian collecting society Sabam (no panic, the picture on my blog is not a picture or copy, it's just a link pointing to the server of the Atomium). So, if i want to publish a picture that i took of this building, constructed and built by tax money, i have to pay royalties to the family of the architect (+ 70 years after his death in 2005) ... Now, that is when i start to think this should be called corruption :-(
Well, the guys at indymedia.be have found a solution to this problem :-D (article in Dutch, picture in universal).