[nwsl006] Netwaves live @ Kulturama

netwaves.org is very proud to announce that 'Netwaves live' is playing at the biggest cultural fest in leuven: Kulturama. Kulturama is 4 days (thursday 14 - sunday 17 feb.) of street animation, art, city walks, performances, live gigs, theatre, visuals, ... organised by the department of culture '30CC' in cooperation with the main cultural organisations in Leuven: Artefact, Artforum, library Tweebronnen, University library K.U.Leuven, CinemaZED, Cultuurco�rdinatie K.U.Leuven, Het Depot, fABULEUS, Festival van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant, Lemmensinstituut, provincie Vlaams-Brabant, stedelijke musea, stedelijke academie voor beeldende kunst, stedelijk conservatorium, STUK, Braakland/ZheBilding en Toerisme Leuven. Saturday 16 feb. Kulturama will launch ao. Modeselektor @ Stuk and Ed Banger Label Night @ Club Silo (Mr. Oizo, labelboss Busy P and Uffie. 'Netwaves live' is playing in the same Silo at the same time in the Small Room.
Our line-up:
  • winner of dj-contest by Radio Scorpio
  • tmp (netwaves.org)
  • rastapopoulos (Netwaves)
  • B&P (Who cares?)
  • Akwalek (electrobel.be)

    'Netwaves live' commits itself to prove that netlabel music definitely deserves its place on the stage and that this kind of music deserves more exposure.

    In the meanwhile: cool electro from France with "Stratograd" by 06-22 (aka. Amplified People) ([VT5] Valiza Tools)

    ? a real copyleft tune ?