new discovered stream-radios

i just discovered 2 streaming radioservices with cc-music:
  • TheRadio.CC: it's a kind of a cooperation of radiopeople who bundle their forces into a streaming service, as far as i understand it (German) -> file under 'general pop & rock'
  • freemusi.cc: "is an online music player for streaming creative commons music. Its database currently contains 11329 tracks hosted on the servers of the Internet Archive. Every album is selected by hand, rated and tagged song by song before being added here.":
    this is a kind of a tagging service as well, but not clear enough: to me it looks like a website for librarians who want to tag music; though i'm interested in the concept of turning the database of archive.org into a streaming radio -> file under 'self-service radio'

    both links added to the links dpt.: 'listen'-page