Broque for dummies

Here are some practical facts and items about the netlabel Broque, of which a few deejays and producers happen to play at our netlabelnight on 12 may @ het Depot.

About Broque: "Broque.de represents fresh danceable electronic sounds and experiments from the surrounding field of the �Oder auf Brot� community. We release our music as mp3, but also on vinyl and CD. We hope you enjoy our stuff. And if you like to give us some feedback � we are happy about it."

Netlabel co-founder is Tend, who is also coming to our party. You can find a mix from him on one of our older netwaves.bpm mixes "spread this mix on your bread".
Around that same time we did a netwaves special about Broque.
We also had an early interview with Tend at the Berlin audiofestival 2010: "netwaves' interview with Broque netlabel".
Here's another special and a crazy interview with Tend.

You can download all their 81 releases here as mp3(under a cc:by-nc-nd license), or buy some fysical vinyl or cd's.