music is in the air!

One famous philosopher once said: "Music is in the air", and this is netwaves' motto as well this week. More netlabel delikatessen as usual. Netwaves also invited some people from the muff netlabel to talk about their latest release, a compilation, "Travel".

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws184 (new tab/window)

[nws184] netwaves 5.31: music is in the air!

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1 Underground Continental - Wermonster
2 Sabemos Eso - Goines Ma Non Troppo
3 green grass piknik - shamanizm parallelii/Oleg Staschenko
4 Sin Tiempo - Maywa
5 Ink games of street octopus - Denis Mati
6 The Path. Part XV ~ Coda I - Wialenove & Velocity Zero
7 Gone With The Wind - Tree, Bosier
8 Saumental - InSpectr
9 white shaman - shamanizm parallelii/Oleg Staschenko
10 Good Dressed - Strobotone
11 Travel (Collogne Remix) - Dektro
12 Alhambra - Amaan
13 I - Benne Bastin