meet Ken Wood, Kimberly Clark, Suzi Wan and Mr. Cocktail & The Partymix

Monday evening is Basta! time in Flemish television: 4 guys who criticize general abuses, like the time you spend when you phone to the helpdesk of your telephone company and they connect and reconnect and connect back to colleagues.
Well, this monday they launched new popstars with a concert and with their signing in to the belgian collectors society Sabam. But the hoax was that these stars happened to be a kitchen-mixer, a can of soysprouts, a bottle of juice and a dryer. A week later they received the bill of 542,74 euro for the concert of these fake characters. This was/is clear evidence that Sabam does not check it's database.

And what it makes interesting, is that they had asked netwaves to look for 'sabam-free' music. So the tune you hear in the van, is a tune we played in netwaves 160, with the very appropriate title: "Fatal error" performed by Bachelor Machines.

This episode of Basta! reached 1.344.294 viewers!

Listen to this 8bit disco craze!:

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- Basta!
- "Fatal error" - Bachelor Machines
- collectors society Sabam