Ascap and the boomerang effect

Read the paper which L. Peter Deutsch, EFF and Ascap member sent to Ascap:

"Dear ASCAP,
I have been a composer member of ASCAP for several years. I was disgusted by your grossly one-sided letter soliciting my contribution to your �Fund for the Arts.� ASCAP has consistently misrepresented the purpose, the history, and the facts of copyright � not to mention the mission and activities of Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other public-interest organizations � apparently in order to fatten its royalty stream deprive musicians of the ability to use each other�s work, and prevent listeners from enjoying music to which the law and the history of copyright entitle them. I recently completed a research paper on music copyright that backed up my reading of this situation.

I have sent a copy of this letter and your letter, and a contribution of $100 each, to Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and EFF.

L Peter Deutsch"

via ZeroPaid