Review: Herm�tico � Metro EP (Inoquo 043)

Herm�tico�s latest EP on the Spanish Inoquo netlabel is definitely one to keep in mind. After his highly acclaimed �Cocinando Garmonbozia EP�, released about a year ago, Herm�tico is back for more.

�Senzeni Na� is clearly the strongest one of the package for me with a sort of Berghain-esque feel to it, but then slightly quirkier. A brooding bass covered with precise hi-hats lead us to some fresh modulating drips, breaking up somewhere halfway the track. Herm�tico only uses just enough sonic elements to keep things nicely stripped down and floating. The track provides the necessary dance floor requirements but we find tightly filtered riffs as well, ensuring a vivid and textured soundscape. �Recolectar Mercurio� has a more deep & dubby approach, instantly reminding me of Maurizio/Basic Channel tunes, but monotonity is quickly broken up by sweet organic stabs, which make this track something to float away on in the early hours. Worth mentioning is the tender �2+3�, sounding like a perpetual ticking clock, skillfully layered with subtle soothing elements, injecting this piece with emotion. Two thumbs up.

Herm�tico - Metro EP