Review: Santos Resiak � Mi�rcoles (unfoundsound)

Dante Costantini, aka Santos Resiak, delivers a stunning 5-track EP on the unfoundsound imprint. Five dj-friendly cuts filled up to the max with typical warm percussions as well as jazzy and dark stripped down elements.

The EP starts off with �Timba�, a pounding tribal gem with lots of analogue madness. At first glance, the track starts off like most of contemporary latin influenced minimal does, with a solid, more or less tone lacking percussion loop. In this case soon enough broken by a weird vocal snippet which warns for more wackiness to come. After a warm vocal break the track is covered up with some short stabbing synths to structurize the whole composition.

�Lost weekend� is a more chilled out track, the most experimental one of the EP. The slow pace of the track allows room to make the samples breathe more. Not very dancefloor minded but nice home listening material though.

Au contraire; �Check My Cumbia� is a track with ever-building percussions towards a nice organ riff. You get pleasantly indulged with a rollercoaster of funky techno, organic jazz, groovy house and quick snaps and cuts.

Enduido is the most dj-friendly one of the package. This one has C�cille and Moon Harbour written all over it. It starts off with an irresistible drum loop, after a while accompanied by a vague vocal. We find a solid deep groove but it remains addictive nonetheless by dropping funky elements when time is ready. This one�s is as funky as they get!

The last one, Mi�rcoles, is a haunting minimal gem with precise drumming and vocals with lots of reverberation. It leaves you with a certain confusion, this being a hypnotising marriage between precise analogue drumming and quirky snippets.

Santos Resiak�s Mi�rcoles EP is a well-elaborated piece of minimal techno anno 2009. Combining a wide variety of influences with a subtle sense of precaution. Anyhow, you�ll find soon enough these five pieces contain more than just regular faux-chic boom-clapping. No doubt a breakthrough EP from this fresh Argentinean producer. Santos Resiak�s distinctive take on percussion and his intuitive ability to use tension building, makes this EP a great contemporary piece of electronic music.